Top 10 Baby Shower Games

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Planning a baby shower?  We know how stressful and time consuming it can be to put a baby shower together. You want it to be perfect, but time is not always on your side.  I have a few games that I have used at my daughter’s baby showers and they were hits.  I thought I would share them with you.  Feel free to select 2 – 3 games depending on the number of guests and your agenda. You can modify any of the games to suit your needs.  

For the Ice Breaker – Have each guest tell everyone how the know the Mommy To Be. This loosens everyone up so you can start the festivities. 

My Water Broke –  Fill ice trays with water.  Place a miniature baby, party favor, in each section of the ice tray and fill with water. The cube will contain the party favor when it freezes. Place an ice cube in a paper cup and give to each guest. Each guest must watch the ice cube and when it’s fully melts yell “My Water Broke.”  Be sure to give each guest their ice cube at the same time.  I purchased the party favors at Party City. 

What Mom Needs – Give each guest a sheet of paper and pencil.  Have each guest write down  a list of baby items Mom and Dad will need.  Give guests 5 minutes to complete.  The guest with the most items listed wins a door prize.  

Place 5 – 10 Baby Items in a Gift Bag –   Allow each guest to look into the bag for 5 – 10 seconds.  Have each guest write down the items that were in the bag.  The guest who has the most correct items wins. (Gift bag goes to Mommy To Be).

TIC-TAC-TOE – Have each guest make a grid for tic-tac-toe and list baby items on the grid.  The host will call out a list of baby items prepared in advance.  The guests who has 3 in a row must call out “Baby Tic-Tac-Toe” to win a door  prize.  

The Paper Bag –  Place several baby item in a sealed brown paper bag. Pass the bag to each guest and allow them to feel the bag for a 5 seconds. Ask guests to write down what’s in the bag.  The guest with the correct number of items wins.  (Goodies go to Mom To Be).

Drink Up – Place punch in several baby bottles.  (Purchase nursers from the dollar store for this game).  Gave a bottle to participating guests.  The winner is the guest who finishes drinking the punch first.  Not as easy as it looks!  Fun game

top baby shower games, baby shower bingo

Baby Shower Bingo – I purchased this game for my daughter’s baby shower. This is a fun game. Check on-line for printable Bingo cards and make your own game or purchase these ready made Bingo cards. Use pennies for the markers. 

Taste Test – Purchase 3 jars of baby food and remove the labels. Have each guest taste the baby food. The guest who has the most correct answers wins. 

baby shower games, top baby shower games

Scratch Offs – I purchased baby shower scratch offs for my daughter’s baby shower, and the guests really enjoyed them. You can order these on-line. The guest with the word “Winner” gets the door prize. 

Place Q-tips In A Jar – The guest who is closest to the number or who comes up with the number wins. 

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  1. Thank you for sharing these ideas on Sunday's Best. I have baby showers coming up for my sister-in-law & a good friend. These will come in handy.

  2. @Maria Brittis – Thanks for stopping by.  I've planned 2 baby showers for my daughter and we played several of these games.  He had a great time!  Hope you can incorporate a few of them. 

  3. This is a great way to create a fun shower.. I am so happy I found this.. my daughter is planning a family and this is something i will save.  Thanks Maria

  4. @Marcie Norton – Thanks for stopping by.  I've played all of these games and they are loads of fun.  Enjoy!

  5. These sound like so much fun to play. My sister-in-law will be having a Baby shower soon. We may have to play some of these. Thanks for sharing.