How To Host A Great Baby Shower


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Thinking of hosting a baby shower for a relative or friend and don’t know where to start or proper etiquette on how to host the event? Taking on the responsibility of hostess requires time, energy and creativity. It can become stressful if you’re not organized or plan effectively.  

I’ve hosted several baby showers over the years. Two for my daughter and several for family members.  I sure wish I had a few tips on how and when I should do various steps before I took on the responsibility. I put together a few tips for you on how to host a great baby shower. Here’s my tips:  

Planning The Event:  
  • A relative, co-worker or friend can host the shower. It’s considered improper for the parents to be to host their own shower.
  • Start planning the shower 2 – 3 months in advance. This should include selecting a location, theme, and your invitations. Your invitations should reflect the theme of the shower if possible. Your invitations will let guests know what to expect.
  • Send out invitations 6 – 8 weeks in advance. You should include the Hostess’ name, location, time and the guest of honor’s name. You can also ask your guests to RSVP.  Give an RSVP By Date and a Phone Number where they can call.
  • Plan activities for at least 2 hours. Most people prefer late afternoon or early evening showers.  It gives than an opportunity to do things at home or run a few errands before dedicating time for the shower.  
  • About 4 – 6 weeks in advance of your shower select your party favors, colors, decorations, games etc. This is a good time frame, it will give you time to browse stores, google information and figure out other aspects of the event. Make a list of what you want to do and stick to it. 
  • Decide on a menu about about 2 – 3 weeks before the shower. You can do finger foods, buffet or a sit down dinner. I love doing buffet style events.     
  • Choose your center piece and decorations.  Diaper cakes are fun and practical gifts for mom.   (I made the Snoopy diaper cake above for a Snoopy Themed Shower).  This was one of my favorites.   
  • Ask a friend or relative to assist with tracking the cards/gifts, food table, drinks and games. Turn the list of names and gifts over to the mom to be for thank you cards.   
  • Capture the day in photos – Ask a friend who has great photography skills to take plenty of pictures of the mom to be, festivities and friends. 
  • Select Door Prizes – Giving out door prizes is a great way to thank guests for participating 

You planned and consulted with the mother to be about the menu, guest list and games if the shower isn’t a surprise and now the big day has finally arrived.  It’s time to take your place as the hostess of the event.  Here are few tips:  

Hosting The Shower 

  • Greet all of your guests when they are arrive.    
  • Once the shower gets under way, introduce the Mother to Be and tell the guess how she is related to you or a funny story about her to break the ice.       
  • Have each guest introduce themselves and state how they’re related or connected to the mother to be. This is a nice Ice Breaker and a fun way to make everyone comfortable.
  • Play the games that you have selected.  (Normally 2 – 3 are good).  Be sure to include a few door prizes throughout the event.  
  • Serve your meal or appetizers and allow guests to mingle and chat for awhile.  Be sure guests are comfortable and have everything they need.    
  • Have the mother to be open her gifts. You may also serve the cake during this time.
  • Have guests mingle, look at the gifts and take pictures with the mother to be.
  • Thank guests for coming and give out baby shower favors.
These tips will eliminate stress and elevate your confidence in hosting a great baby shower. I also suggest using a planner or notebook to keep track of ideas and where you are in planning the event. Be sure to leave a little time to relax and enjoy the event as well. 

What tips can you add to make the hostess job a little easier?  Please leave a comment.  You may also like:  15 Door Prize Ideas For Baby Showers
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  1. Those are great tips and pointers! I am busy planning a Grandparents Tea and these will come in helpful for that, too! Thank you!

    • Hi Kc. Glad that you liked the tips. I love the idea of a Grandparents Tea. I'll looking forward to seeing your post on this. I may have to use your idea.

  2. Like your article on baby shower 🙂 i have done a similar one on my blog. Do come and visit

  3. I personally would not have guests address envelopes at any event.  If you have invited a guest, you already have their address.  Normal protocol is to have someone assist with opening the gifts, and request that they make a note of of the guest from the card that is attached and the gift that was given.  When the recipient writes her thank you notes, she can thank them for that particular gift. 

    It is appropriate to state where the recipient is registered on the invitation.  This steps eliminates the guess work on what the new mom needs.  I hosted my daughter’s shower last September, and her invitations included this information.

  4. Great post! I have an etiquette question? Is it ok to have people address an envelope to send them a thank you note? A friend of mine did this at my baby shower and it made me feel weird. She also wanted to include a card stating where I was registered, I asked not to include that, because it made me feel uncomfortable, then a couple weeks ago I received an invitation to a shower and on the bottom it stated:
    Registered at: Target, Wal-Mart, Baby Depot, Dillard’s, and Toys R Us. So is that considered OK now?
    Sorry for the length. Kim,

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