Winter Images: Ice Trees

Sometimes we need to take our mind off the stress of everyday life and focus on something beautiful.  Spring is around the counter, but I wanted to share a few pictures of West Virginia winters.  Winter has let its presence be known at my house the last few months.  We’ve had snow, ice and more snow.  I’m not much on the cold weather, but I have learned to enjoy mother nature’s beauty when she lays a blanket of snow and ice in my neighborhood.  I have learned to turn these type of mornings to be an opportunity to de-stress and enjoy the beauty.  

I stepped outside and found my trees layered in ice this particular morning.  They were beautiful. I could hear the sounds of crackles, drips and more crackles as the ice was melting.  It was beautiful music to my ears.  It was quite a fascinating experience.  

Rather than be angry at mother nature for causing unsafe conditions and bringing extremely cold weather upon us, I have learned to find the beauty in it.  I found these beautiful ice trees outside my door.  What are some your favorite things about winter?