My Mama Told Me Book Review

I finished another book on my Kindle.  I read My Mama Told Me by Sade C. Morrison.  This book is the first of three novels from Sade Morrison, and I have to say I enjoyed it.  In some instances it could be a Tyler Perry novel, starring Medea and her daughter.  

The main characters in the book are Naomi and her mother Gloria.  The setting is Detroit.  Naomi is ambitious, has a master’s degree, drives a Jaguar and lives in a wealthy neighbor.  Her life is far from the working class neighborhood where she was raised.  That life seems to be beneath her now and has created a distance between Naomi and her family.  

Gloria, Naomi’s mother, is a churchgoing woman who’s career was raising her daughter and making a home for her family.   She’s a southern cook, soul food recipes are her specialty, believes in the Lord and lives a simple life. 

Naomi’s life is turned upset down when a secret from her husband’s past surfaces.  She decides to leave him and the life she has become accustomed to and file for divorce. She heads home to her mother until she can figure out a plan and get back on her feet.  During her stay, she finds comfort in her mother and learns that her mother had endured a painful incident in her marriage too.  Her mother also suffers a heart attack.  Gloria helps Naomi by having heart to heart conversations with her and attempts to bring her back to her roots and the strong foundation she was raised on.  

All and all, I thought it was a good first novel by this author.  I would and will download another book in the future and see what it brings.  I recommend the book.