Product Review: Zoo Waffle Iron

 kids waffles

I love making breakfast for Xavier and Zarriah when they’re visiting.  I saw this adorable zoo waffle iron while waiting for a prescription at CVS, and had to add it to my stash of pancake molds.  The kids love waffles, so I was sure it would be a hit and a nice deviation from pancakes.   Who can resist an adorable elephant, lion and giraffe for breakfast.   

My grandchildren are as different as night and day.  Zarriah hates anything that will stick to her hands.  This includes syrup, ketchup, powered sugar and the list goes on.  Xavier loves syrup, ketchup and anything else he could use to dip his food in. The more the merrier for him.

I was hoping Zarriah would enjoy just picking up the waffles and eating them while Xavier enjoyed his covered with syrup.  It happened exactly as I had hoped. 

The iron is easy to use.  Simply spray the top and bottom of the iron with PAM or your favorite non-stick oil and allow it to heat up.  The lid of the iron has a light which indicates when it ready to use.  While the iron was heating, I whipped up a batch of waffle mix and placed it in a batter pen.  I prefer to use a pen with the pancake molds and iron because it allows me to control the batter being poured. 

When the iron is ready to use, you will get a green light.  Pour the batter into the molds slowly.  Don’t fill the molds completely, the batter will rise while cooking so a little over the half mark is good.  It takes 3 – 5 minutes for the waffles to cook, so check to ensure they don’t over brown. 

The nice thing about this iron, is the top and bottom work together.  You don’t have to flip the waffles and they brown evenly.  It is easy to clean, just wipe with a damp cloth and store. 

I love this iron and will be using it often!  The kids loved the zoo animals on their plates, and I ate a few too.  I would suggest that you make the purchase, we all want happy kids at the breakfast table don’t we.   



  1. @Cascia Talbert – You can find it at CVS.  I also saw it at the Dollar Store for a reasonable price.  The kids love the waffles. 

  2. That waffle iron is adorable! I'll have to look for it the next time I am out. Have a great day.