RAAYA Hand Spray Nozzle Review


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I received this Raaya Hose Nozzle at a discount in exchange for an honest review of the product; however all opinions are my own.  This post may contain affiliate links.  Compensation from affiliate links will be used to sustain Mother 2 Mother Blog.

product review, Raaya Hose Nozzel

The nozzle on my current hose had seen better days.  I had purchased it years ago, and it was starting to show wear.  I get soaked each time I make an attempt to water my garden.  There was as much water coming out of the hose and spraying me as there was going into the garden. The shower feels great on a hot summer day, but it’s not always convenient to have to track water through the house to change your soaking wet clothes.  It’s not a great feeling on early spring or late summer days either. Burrr!

The nozzle fit perfectly on my current garden hose.  It is a quality made product that I was hoping would water my garden without watering me.  The nozzle is ergonomically designed.  This feature is important to me because of my carpal tunnel.  It was also longer than the nozzle that I was replacing, which was a plus as well. It added a few inches on to the length of the hose, which helps in watering plants in hard to reach places.

The nozzle  has 9 different spray streams.  Fan, cone, shower, soaker and flat to name a few.  I love to use the shower stream for my vegetable garden and the soaker stream for new plants just emerging in the garden.  I was excited to find that the head on the nozzle pivots.  This is a great function because it makes watering in hard to reach places easier.




Finally, the nozzle fit perfectly into the notch the hose cart.  Clipping the nozzle onto the cart keeps the hose from unraveling or ending up on the ground.  I couldn’t find a negative with this nozzle.  If you’re looking for a replacement or if you’re buying your first nozzle, I highly recommend the RAAYA Garden Hose Nozzle.


Eksel Grill and Oven Mat Reviews

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I was offered a discount on the ekSel Grill Oven BBQ Mats.  I purchased the product in exchange for a review.  I took advantage of the bargain, and I glad I did. You get two per box, a black and a brown.  You can use the mats either on the grill or in our oven.  However, the box did not contain instructions.  All was not lost, I used the box for guidance.  I’m a visual person, so this worked for me.

This time of year, BLTs are big in my house.  Summer brings fresh lettuce and tomatoes.  Furthermore, there’s nothing better than fresh ingredients on a BLT.  I stopped cooking my bacon on top of the stove years ago.  Not only because of grease splatter, but because I think bacon cooks better in the oven.  As a result, I was eager to see if the bacon would crisp the way I like it.  Additionally, I wanted to see how the mat would handle the oil from the bacon.  I decided to use the black mat to prepare my bacon for my BLT in the oven.



grill mats, oven mats


The bacon was delicious.  Additionally, you can cook chicken, sausages, pork chops and anything else on the mats.  I’m anxious to try the mats on the smoker.  Having grill marks on burgers, hot dogs, sausages and chicken are a sign of heaven to a grill master or backyard BBQer.  Being able to get grill marks while using mats is important.  Just as important, not having to use spray or foil on the grates just puts the icing on the cake for me.  Grilling is fun, but clean up not so much.

I prefer to us a charcoal grill versus gas grills.  If your preference is gas, you will be happy to know that the mats can be used in gas or electric oven and on most gas and charcoal grills and smokers.

The mats are dishwasher safe.  Place them in the top rack or you can wash them by hand and just dry them.  This grill mat can be can be used up to 100 times according to the manufacturer. Did I mention that you can bake cookies and pizza on them too.  Head over and grab a pack or 2 of the ekSel Grill Oven BBQ Mats.   You will be happy that you did.



Pentex Camera Cleaning Pen



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I was given the opportunity to review the Pentex Camera Cleaning Pen and I accepted. I’m an amateur photographer who has a lot to learn about taking pictures and maintaining my equipment, so I thought the pen would be a great place to start in learning how to clean my camera.

The pen arrived in a blue velvet pouch, which is perfect for keeping track of the pen. It’s the perfect size for carrying in your purse or camera bag.  I removed the pen from the pouch and put it to use. It has a retractable brush, which is so soft. Have no fear of scratching your camera or lens. It does a great job in removing the dust from the lens and camera. I decided to use on my binoculars and phone as well. 


camera maintenance, camera cleaning


You can see the pen in the picture, it has tools on both ends.  The brush on one end and a carbon cleaning pad on the other.  I keep my camera lens covered with a cap when not in use to minimize scratches and dust.  I started with the brush. I dusted the camera all over and removed the cap to clean the lens.  I was amazed at how dirty it was. I followed the lens brush cleaning with the carbon cleaning pad.  My mouth fell open, the lens was glowing. It was smudge and dust free.  I grabbed all of the lens for my camera and went to work.   I cleaned the view finder and every nook and cranny on the camera.



camera maintenance, camera cleaning tips


Another thing that I like about the cleaning pen is that it does not require additional cleaning fluids.  The carbon cleaning pad is patented, environment friendly, non-toxic,  and alcohol and ammonia free!

I highly recommend this cleaning pen for both professional and amateurs photographers.  This pen would make a great gift for photographers, Christmas, birthday or any time.

Note: I received the Pentex Camera Cleaning Pen in exchange for the review; however, all opinions are my own. 

Bloomsy Box Review

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I was contacted by Bloomsy Box to review a bouquet of their flowers in exchange for a review.  I love fresh flowers in my home so I accepted; however, all opinions are my own. 

Bloomsy Box delivers fresh bouquets of flowers to your home weekly or monthly depending on the plan that you choose. There are 3 monthly options:  Bloomsy S, L, and M. The prices are $39.99, $43.99 and $48.99 respectively. The weekly options are: Bloomsy W and Bloomsy WW. The prices are $38.15 and $41.00 per week respectively. Each category has designated flowers that will be shipped directly to your home, business or vacation. You get a surprise bouquet of one single variety per week or month depending on your plan.  No ferns, baby’s breath etc. will be mixed with the flower choice. The arrangements are simple, but elegant.   

The Bloomsy Box was delivered by FedEx.  I became excited, I opened the box and there was a beautiful box of sunflowers just waiting for a vase.  They were secured in the box and wrapped in Kraft Paper.  Each head of the sunflowers was secured with netting. I removed the bouquet from the box and the netting from each of the sunflowers and placed them in a vase.  I waited and waited for the sunflowers to open; however, they never reached that goal.     


flower deliveries online,


Bloomsy ships their bouquets overnight to ensure they are fresh and the flowers are in bud form with the intention of them opening within 3 days.  Humm………   Disappointed, I decided to approach the problem as a customer rather than a reviewer. I took this step because I wanted to check out the customer service so I could see exactly how this particular problem would be handled.  Their motto is, “If you’re not happy, we aren’t either! That’s why we guarantee your satisfaction–or you don’t pay for your bouquet.”  I put them to the test and they delivered. 

In about a week, FedEx delivered another box from Bloomsy Box.  I eagerly opened the box and to my surprise I found 20 Spray Red Roses. I searched their site and the bouquet is called Confident.  I love roses as much as I love sunflowers.   They quality and all were buds.  I become excited again and placed the roses in a vase.  Within 3 – 4 days the buds started to open.  They lasted for about a week.  It was a slow, enjoyable process and it made up for the sunflowers not opening. 


online floral deliveries, Bloomsy Box




If you love fresh flowers in your home, but don’t have time to garden year round Bloomsy Box is recommended.  It’s also a great idea to have fresh flowers in your office, if you’re a manager these would make a great gift for a co-worker or employee, how sending to a friend or neighbor each month.  The possibilities are endless. Head over and check out their selections. The bouquets are beautiful.

Bearoy Back Seat Organizer Review


car organizer


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How many times have you taken a road trip and you’ve ended up struggling to reach an item or you have a screaming child in the backseat who wants something. I travel frequently. Sometimes I drive and other times I fly. Either way, I’m on the road to my destination or the airport. If I’m traveling with my grandchildren, one or the other ends up wanting a snack, drink, electronic device or some other object that I can’t reach from the front seat if I’m driving or can barely reach if I’m a passenger.

When I was contacted to review the Bearoy Organizer I jumped at the chance. I had actually been shopping for an organizer and tray, so the timing was perfect.  This is a picture of the organizer hanging in the backseat of my car. I love that the 8 year can easily access the organizer and retrieve items for both him and his sister when needed.




This is an up close of the organizer in the back of my car. As you can see, the organizer is a nice size and holds lots of items.  I grabbed the items that I normally take to keep the children occupied when I’m driving.  There’s a drink for the 8 year old, the 4 year old has a cup holder on her car seat, but there is room for both of their cups.  I love the pockets, they’re insulated so drinks will stay cold. or baby’s bottle warm. 

I have the Kindle in the picture, but it’s large enough for the iPad and the Samsung Galaxy too. We normally carry 2 Kindles and either the Samsung tablet or iPad. The pocket has an opening on both sides to plug in headphones or a charger. I love that feature. The kids run down every electronic device that they can get their hands on. We always have a device on a charger. I have a charging station in the console of the car and truck, so the side openings are perfect. I also love that I can keep the tablets in a central location, and not wonder where they are later. 

Lets not forget snacks.  Lemon Heads and peanut butter crackers are a must. Books will easily fit into the bottom pocket.  I pack coloring and reading books as well as crayons for the little one. There’s also 3 pencil holders for pencils, pens and markers for the 8 year old, he loves word search puzzles. 

If your wondering about the fit, don’t. The organizer fits over the headrest and adjust easily. I highly recommend the Bearoy Luxury Backseat Organizer. 

Note: I received the Bearoy Organizer in return for this review; however, all opinions are my own.


Spaze Apparel Hoodi Review



I was asked by Spaze Apparel to review a product from their site.  I browsed the site and readily agreed when I came across their selection of hoodies.  It was just what the doctor had ordered.  I’m amazed at times the way things happen. You see I had been searching for months for my navy blue hoodi to no avail, so I knew immediately the hoodi was the winner for my review. 

I selected the Gildan G186FL Heavy Blend Ladies Hoodi in navy.  It was difficult making a decision because they have so many colors to choose from.  White, black, purple, red you name it.  They offer the hoodi in sizes S – 3XL.  I like the larger sizes because I can wear a heavy shirt under it in cooler weather and still have plenty of room for comfort and movement.

I waited for the package to arrive, and I must say I was not disappointed when I took the hoodi out the box. I loved the fit and it was so soft.  My response was yes, this is perfect.  I don’t know about you, but when I get comfortable with a piece of clothing it’s hard to find a replacement. It was my go to when I headed out early morning for a walk, grocery store run or errands at Walmart, Target etc. My attitude about my misplaced hoodi changed. Now it’s if I find it fine; if I don’t it’s not a big deal. I have a new attitude!  Thank you Spaze Apparel. 

The one negative about the hoodi for me is the pockets aren’t deep enough to hold my phone when I’m out for a walk. My keys fit nicely though.  I want to mention that the hoodi looks great with my capris and walking shoes.  For the price, the quality is excellent. I highly recommend this item.  It’s perfect for moms on the go. Head over to Spaze Apparel and check them out. They have something for everyone in the family. 

I received a copy of the hoodi  for review; however, all opinions are my own. 


Fresh Baby – Toddler Products Review

I was contacted by Fresh Baby to review their baby products.  Their focus is on healthy meals for toddlers.  Since I have 1 picky eater and 1 than will pretty much eat everything, I jumped at the chance to check out their site and products. 

Here’s my dilemma: My grandson is picky, no veggies and few fruits. My granddaughter who was born a 2 lb. 10 oz. preemie will eat you out of house and home with the exception of veggies. If it’s green, it’s mean in their eyes and they’re not allowing it to get close to their lips. My grandchildren also love snacks, especially my granddaughter. By 8:00 am she’s ready to start her journey through the snacks and meals of the day. Yummy in her stomach is how she describes the experience.  

I was anxiously awaiting my package from Fresh Baby, and finally the box arrived.  You know I’m like a kid at Christmas when I’m waiting for my review products. I was excited about the selection of products when I opened the box. Lets start with this plate. It’s perfect for my granddaughter.  Here’s why: 

  • The plate allows you how to control portions without guessing.  
  • The plate shows you what you should be serving.  
  • The plate is fun, of quality, and colorful.  
  • The plate can used to teach your toddler about food and what is good for them. Children learn by what they see as well as what they hear.   

I love that it is sectioned, my grandchildren do not like their food to touch, lol. My grandson does fine with his portions, it’s the vegetable side of the plate that is normally bare unless it’s corn. 

How adorable is this apron/mock! It was included in the box, and I love it for several reasons:

  • Toddlers can relate to those adorable little chefs at the top. 
  • It also helps teach children about fruits, veggies, dairy and meats. 
  • I love to put white on my 3 year old granddaughter. I know crazy, right. My daughter has a fit when it’s time for her to eat because of spills and drops. This covers her completely when she’s sitting down. Fresh Baby knows toddlers. 
  • It’s easy to wipe clean.  
  • It’s great for those little ones who like to help in the kitchen. 
  • Fits most kids 3 – 5. 
  • It can be folded and placed in a gallon plastic bag and carried in your purse for outings. 

Here’s another problem. How many cookbooks have you come across that was created with toddlers in mind?  Right, not many. As parents, we all know how difficult it is to come up with easy recipes that kids will eat. So Easy toddler food is a winner. The book is written by Cheryl Tallman, one of the founders of Fresh Baby. The book has quite a few recipes that my toddler would eat or I could modify for her. For example, a fresh banana and strawberry smoothie. My daughter does Beach Body, so my grandchildren are no strangers to smoothies. I need to get on board, bahaha!  There’s recipes for apple and chicken kabobs, deviled eggs, my grandchildren love these, home made pizza, great way to use my homemade tomato sauce and cinnamon apple slices. There’s a recipe for Pink Potatoes that’s at the top of my list now. It’s mashed potatoes that uses a combination of sweet and white potatoes that turn pink. What toddler wouldn’t love these.  


I have a story for you about my granddaughter and her appetite. One of her favorite places to eat is Golden Corral. She loves to eat mashed potatoes and mac and cheese there. At one outing she ate so much that the gentlemen sitting behind me stopped by our table on the way out and said, “She can really put it away”. My response was she will eat until the bottom falls out.  She was 2 at the time. Another time she wanted peanut butter crackers. She loves them. She wakes up in the middle of the night asking for them. I remember her eating so much one day that I was afraid to give her anything else. I thought she was going to get sick. Of course, she protested. My daughter came in to see what was happening and laughed so hard. She said mom she’s not going to get sick. Give them to her.  Her doctor has approved her eating as much as she wants, so we let her. She’s not overweight and apparently just burns it up. I stressed that healthy eating was a must for her.   

These tips from Fresh Baby on how much she should be eating was right on time. When I looked at the portions, I realized that she’s not overeating. I just have to make sure that she’s eating healthy meals and snacks and spread them throughout the day from the recommended food groups. 

I would highly recommend that you head over to Fresh Baby and check out their products. They also have a blog that you may want to check out and subscribe to.  I did. The blog offers a food database and clever ways to use their Fresh Baby products. Both sites are truly worth the trip. 

Old Navy Bargains – 6 Reasons I Love Their Children’s Clothing

I spent last week-end shopping for some of the grandchildren’s summer clothing. I decided to head to Old Navy. As with all children, they don’t stay in clothing or shoes very long.  I have become an expert on getting the most for my money when it comes to children’s clothing. I seek quality, but I want it within my budget. 

                                                     Miss Muffin wearing an Old Navy dress

When I shop, I’m on a mission. Both of my grandchildren are picky about what they wear. Yes, at 3 and 7.  They will both tell me, Mawmaw this doesn’t look good on me. It’s imperative that I maximize my dollars to the fullest extend to ensure they feel good about themselves and what they wear. Old Navy is at the top of my list for summer casual wear. Here’s why: 

  • Great Prices –  I was able to grab toddler tees for $4.00 – $5.00. 
  • Quality – Their clothing doesn’t shrink and the colors don’t fade. 
  • Large Selection – They have a large selection in tees, shorts, dresses, pants and shoes for both boys and girls.  
  • Great Styles – Their clothing is stylish. 
  • Free Shipping – Old Navy offers free shipping over $50 if you order on-line. They have deals on-line that they don’t offer in the store, so check on-line for additional savings. 
  • Great Customer Service – The customer service is great when I have to make an exchange.  
                                        Miss Muffin wearing Old Navy swimwear & accessories

My grandson will be turning 8 in September. He has come into his own with style, so he likes to either select his own clothes or approve them once I get them home. Here’s a few items that I picked for him.   

He loved the boat shoes. Who knew, he loves Niki, Jordans, KDs, and Kyries. I don’t know who was happier about the shoes, him or me. Big difference from $80 for each pair of sneakers to $20 for the boat shoes. Guess who’s heading back to see if they have them in other colors. I can never go wrong with the sports tees at $12. The polos run around $8 and up. They look great with the boat shoes and a pair of shorts. 

I also purchase some of their shorts from Old Navy. They make their children’s shorts and pants with elastic on the inside that can be adjusted, so both of the children get lots of wear out of their shorts and pants. Most are in good enough shape to pass to a family member, take to a thrift shop or Goodwill after a year or two. This is quality on a budget, and why Old Navy is my go to.   

Head to Old Navy, and get your shopping on. The kids will love you for it and you will love the savings. 

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Spiral Candle Review

I love candles. I burn them year round and especially on the week-ends while I’m relaxing and sipping my coffee. The smell of a good candle is yummy and soothes the senses. When I was asked by Spiral Light Candle Corporation to review one of their candles I jumped at the opportunity. I went to the site and debated over and over on the scent that I wanted to try. The site has approximately 50 – 60 different scents to choose from, so I waivered. I finally selected the Buttered Rum and waited in anticipation for its arrival. I must say, I was not disappointed. It smelled heavenly just removing it from the box. 

On to the review, this candle is unique. Check out the picture, the wick is on the side of the candle versus the center. As the candle burns, it fills the middle. For safety purposes, please remove the paper wrapper before burning. I left the paper on the candle initially for advertising purposes. 

While the candle was burning, I was expecting a more powerful scent to emerge. It didn’t, but I was fascinated by how it burned and for how long. Once the well of the candle fills, you can light the center wick and you  continue to enjoy the candle. I love this idea, I’ve never seen a candle burn in this manner. You can check out the demonstration here

I have found a new candle resource. There are several other scents that I would like to try like the Cinnamon and Cabernet. The Apple Spice is on my list for my daughter. She loves to burn candles like her mother. These candles would be a great birthday, Mother’s Day, or holiday gift, so keep them in mind. I know I will. 

Disclaimer – I received the above product for review; however, all opinions are my own.   

Great Grains Granolas and Snack Mix Review

One of my goals for 2015 is to get healthy. As 2014 was rolling out and 2015 rolling in, I thought about how I would accomplish this goal. I knew I was done with fad diets and the prepacked diet programs. I had tried several of them over the course of the years, and I was not successful on any. I knew the first step toward my goal to get healthy was accepting the fact that it would require a lifestyle change. 

It’s funny how things work out, I was contacted shortly thereafter and asked to join Great Grains and the Fad Free pledge. I gladly accepted, it had never worked for me anyway. Another incentive for taking the pledge was Great Grains donates $3.00 for every pledge taken to AmpleHarvest.org. This is a non-profit organization that empowers home gardeners to donate fresh produce to local food pantries. This is a great incentive for me to plant more veggies in the garden this year, eat more veggies and help families that can’t afford fresh produce.  

In addition to taking the pledge, I reviewed Great Grains granola in Blueberry Flax and Super Nutty. The timing for this review was perfect. It was a great addition toward my healthy eating change. I’m now eating fruit and yogurt for breakfast instead of sausage biscuits, doughnuts and croissants. I sprinkle the granola on top of my Greek Yogurt and it is delicious. I actually like both flavors. Once these bags are gone, they will be added to my grocery list as they will become a staple in my home.  

Next, I tried out the snack mix. I received them in Dark Chocolate Nut and Cranberry, Nuts and Seeds. I love both. Vending machine junk food has been replaced with trail mix and granola bars, so the boxes of snack mix were perfect. It’s actually a healthier replacement for the trail mix. I like both flavors, but I love the Dark Chocolate Nut. 

The snack mix comes in these convenient packets. They’re great to throw in your purse when you’re on the run or take to the office for those mid-morning or afternoon hunger attacks. I’m glad I took the Fad Free pledge and I encourage you to take it with me. 

I will be giving 1 follower an opportunity to try these great products from Great Grains.  Here are the rules:

Take the pledge to be Free of Fad Diets and come back and leave me a comment letting me know that you’re committing to healthier eating.  The give away ends February 1, 2015 at mid-night. The winner will be randomly selected, contacted by email, and will receive the granola and snack mix shown in the review.  Good Luck!

Disclaimer – I received the above products for review; however, all opinions are my own.