Preschool Valentines Day Activities


Preschool Valentines Activities


Valentines Day is next week.  There will be more candy, roses, teddy bears, lingerie, and cards received than you can count. Valentines Day has become big business.  Don’t get me wrong, I love receiving roses, teddy bears and all the other gifts received on February 14.  However, a quiet day/evening at home with a glass of wine is the perfect gift for me.

Whatever your plans, lets not forget the kids.  Because Valentines Day isn’t just for adults.  So, spread your love around.  We suggest that you plan a party, play games, watch movies and just have fun with them too.  These activities are perfect for homeschooling moms or moms who want to give kids additional homework or just occupy their kids.

I developed these Preschool Valentines Activities sheets for your little one.  They’re bright, fun and educational.  My little Muffin is in Kindergarten, so these activities are perfect for her.  We’ve come a long way from her 2 lb. 10 oz. entrance into the world.  She’s become a sassy, computer savvy diva, who has mastered the Kindle, her Samsung tablet, the iPad and any other game on the market.

Amazingly, she understands loading, buffering, loss of internet connection, Bing, Youtube and the list goes on.  She is truly amazing.

Finally, I’m sure your preschooler or Kindergartener would love these activities.  We have a coloring page, match, spot the difference and a draw a line activities.  Download the activities here



Printable Valentine’s Day Scrapbook Layouts

Sweets for your sweets!  Valentine’s Day is around the corner, so I thought I would share these “sweet” printable scrapbook layouts, and give a little history of boxes of chocolates for this day of love.  

You’ve heard of the Cadbury Chocolates, right?  Richard Cadbury, son of founder John Cadbury, is credited with making boxes for chocolates. He had been working to improve his chocolate making techniques in Britain, and needed a marketing gimmick to get his new and improved chocolates  noticed. He started designing decorated, heart shaped boxes and the rest is history.  

The boxes were originally designed for 2 purposes, to house the chocolates and once they were gone the beautiful boxes could be used to store love letters and other mementos. There’s the history of chocolates folks. 

Feel free to print the layouts, add your favorite photos, and enjoy.