Printable Valentine’s Day Scrapbook Layouts

Sweets for your sweets!  Valentine’s Day is around the corner, so I thought I would share these “sweet” printable scrapbook layouts, and give a little history of boxes of chocolates for this day of love.  

You’ve heard of the Cadbury Chocolates, right?  Richard Cadbury, son of founder John Cadbury, is credited with making boxes for chocolates. He had been working to improve his chocolate making techniques in Britain, and needed a marketing gimmick to get his new and improved chocolates  noticed. He started designing decorated, heart shaped boxes and the rest is history.  

The boxes were originally designed for 2 purposes, to house the chocolates and once they were gone the beautiful boxes could be used to store love letters and other mementos. There’s the history of chocolates folks. 

Feel free to print the layouts, add your favorite photos, and enjoy.  



  1. Thanks Rhonda! Hope you have wonderful Valentine's Day and a great weekend.