Eksel Grill and Oven Mat Reviews

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I was offered a discount on the ekSel Grill Oven BBQ Mats.  I purchased the product in exchange for a review.  I took advantage of the bargain, and I glad I did. You get two per box, a black and a brown.  You can use the mats either on the grill or in our oven.  However, the box did not contain instructions.  All was not lost, I used the box for guidance.  I’m a visual person, so this worked for me.

This time of year, BLTs are big in my house.  Summer brings fresh lettuce and tomatoes.  Furthermore, there’s nothing better than fresh ingredients on a BLT.  I stopped cooking my bacon on top of the stove years ago.  Not only because of grease splatter, but because I think bacon cooks better in the oven.  As a result, I was eager to see if the bacon would crisp the way I like it.  Additionally, I wanted to see how the mat would handle the oil from the bacon.  I decided to use the black mat to prepare my bacon for my BLT in the oven.



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The bacon was delicious.  Additionally, you can cook chicken, sausages, pork chops and anything else on the mats.  I’m anxious to try the mats on the smoker.  Having grill marks on burgers, hot dogs, sausages and chicken are a sign of heaven to a grill master or backyard BBQer.  Being able to get grill marks while using mats is important.  Just as important, not having to use spray or foil on the grates just puts the icing on the cake for me.  Grilling is fun, but clean up not so much.

I prefer to us a charcoal grill versus gas grills.  If your preference is gas, you will be happy to know that the mats can be used in gas or electric oven and on most gas and charcoal grills and smokers.

The mats are dishwasher safe.  Place them in the top rack or you can wash them by hand and just dry them.  This grill mat can be can be used up to 100 times according to the manufacturer. Did I mention that you can bake cookies and pizza on them too.  Head over and grab a pack or 2 of the ekSel Grill Oven BBQ Mats.   You will be happy that you did.