15 Festive Christmas Cookie Ideas

Christmas Cookie Ideas


Nothing says Christmas better than twinkling lights and a batch of homemade cookies.  I decided to do a round-up of festive, but flavorful Christmas cookie recipes.  The goal was to look for cookies that were unique and would make a great gift or look festive on a party table.  I think out 15 Festive recipes will do just that.  Here’s a roundup:


Christmas Cookie Ideas


Candle Cookies – First, these candle cookies will shine brightly on a Christmas dessert table.  Raw almonds, chocolate and wafers place this festive cookie on the list of of great Christmas cookie ideas.


A Rat King per se.  Additionally, these are a perfect Christmas cookies for The Nutcracker lover.  The Nutcracker just happens to be one of favorite ballets. Whether you display these cookies on a table or place them in a tin, the recipient will love them.  Add these to the top of your Christmas cookie ideas.


Ice Skate Cookies
– Furthermore, sugar cookies, candy canes and icing help these sugar cookies come to life.  Figures 8, Death Spiral and Lay Back Spin are a few of the positions in this sport.  So, if you have a little ice skater or a big ice skater, fill a tin with these adorable cookies and they will love you for them.

Christmas Cookie Ideas

Snow Globes are a favorite Christmas decorating idea.  As a result, they also make an adorable and delicious cookie.  The Wilton Snowglobe Cookie Cutter will help make your task easier.  These cookies are a conversation piece for sure.

Another Christmas cookie idea is candy canes. Who doesn’t love Candy Canes?  They’re great in hot chocolate or with hot Chocolate.  Sugar Cookie dough, red food coloring gel and crushed peppermints will help bring this cookies to life.

A sure that Christmas is around the corner, is the sign of the Christmas tree.  Who said that it has to been the real thing, why not stacked sugar cookies.  Prepared sugar cookie dough, white icing and green sugar will get you on your way to making these great gifts.  These cookies should be somewhere on your list of Christmas cookie ideas for sure.

Sugar Cookie Snowmen  – The little guys are so cute, and sure to bring a smile to a little one’s face.  Gum drops, sugar cookie dough, and chocolate baking bites.


Christmas Cookie Ideas

One of the most exciting things about Christmas is the Christmas lights.  I could sit for hours watching them on my Christmas tree.  Why should be just stop with the lights on the tree?  Sugar cookies shaped into Christmas lights are sure to be mesmerizing too.

Christms Cookie Ideas

Next, who doesn’t love hot coco?  A hot coco cookie will make a cup of coco taste even better.  Marshmallows, candy cane and a cookie.  It’s perfect Christmas/winter treat.  Switch out the Christmas tree for snowman, and you make these after the holidays.

Rice Krispie Gingerbread Pops  – Nice twist on the gingerbread man.  Chewy and gooey chocolate rice krispie treats on a festive holiday stick.

Christmas Cookie Ideas

Polar Bear Cookies – These polar bear cookies not only look delicious, but they’re cute as a button.  They would be great for a Christmas treat or any time during the winter months.  So, have a little fun.  Whip up a few batches.


Marbled Cookie Cutouts –  How cool are these?  Sugar cookies dough, food coloring, and your favorite Christmas cookie cutters is what you need for these tri-colored sugar cookies.  Fun and festive.  Great project with the kids.

Christmas Cookie Ideas


Santa Hats – Santa Claus is Coming to Town.  As a result, this can a fun treat for Christmas eve.  Rice Krispy treats, buttercream frosting and food coloring are the stars.


Christmas Cookie Ideas

Also, Christmas Ornaments don’t have to just hang on the tree.  These cake balls covered with colored chocolate and sprinkles are the perfect snacks for the holidays.  So place a few in a gift bag or mason jar and finish it with a pretty bow.

Additionally, Christmas Wreaths are great snacks too.  Your best sugar cookie recipe, a round cookie cutter, icing bags and tips and you’re on your way.

Last, we hope that you found a few of our Christmas cookies ideas irresistible, and you will be making a few batches for the holidays.  Finally, we Wish a Merry and Blessed Christmas!