30 Holiday Gift Ideas for College Students

gift ideas for college students

The holidays are the most wonderful time of the year.  It’s the time of year that families gather for fellowship and great food.  This includes your child who’s away at college.  You’re excited that you will be able to spend time with your entire family.  So far, everyone has given you their Christmas wish list.  Except the college student.  Unfortunately, thinking about anything except finals is more than their brain can handle.

So, to take the worry off you I put together a list of items that every college student can use.  Most of the items I sent to my own daughter throughout her four years of higher education.  All were appreciated.  Here’s a list of holiday gift ideas for college students:


  1. Gift/Gas Cards – All college students can use a gas and a special gift.  So, gift cards make a perfect gift.
  2. Snack Items/Cookies/Drinks – Next, chips, cookies, energy drinks and bars are always welcome.
  3. Instant Soup/Cans of Tuna/Chicken – Cans of tuna and chicken are great ways for protein.   Instant soups are perfect for a quick meal on a cold day too.
  4. Plates/Forks/Spoons/Bowls/Microwavable Dishes – These items will come in handy when ordering pizza, making sandwiches or eating salads in the dorm room.
  5. Paper Towels/Napkins – No matter where they are, there will be spills.  College student or not, they still need to wipe their mouth and hands.
  6. Keurig/Coffee/Coffee Mug/Tea/Honey – My daughter wasn’t a coffee drinker, but she loves honey and tea. The Keurig was perfect for making individual cups.
  7. Highlighters/Mechanical Pens/Notebooks/Folders – These items come in handy.  Eventually, highlighters dry up or get lost.  Also, folders bend and notebooks get used. Each semester brings a new need.
  8. Wrinkle Releaser/Febreze – Wrinkle releaser is perfect for those mornings when you don’t have time to iron.  Your college student will appreciate both.  Especially, Febreze on those days when they want to wear those jeans one more day before washing them.
  9. Tooth Paste/Floss/Waterpik/Mouth Wash – Taking care of your teeth is important at home and school.
  10. Shampoo/Conditioner/Flat Iron/Curling Iron/Detangle Comb – Students still like to look good.
  11. Body Lotion/Razors/Shaving Cream – Keeping the skin hydrated and smooth is still important.
  12. Loofah/Spa Items/Body Wash – To a college student, these are luxury items.  So, be generous.
  13. Bath Tissue/Air Fresher/Disinfectant – Next, having individual items can be heaven sent.  There’s no arguments about who used the last roll or emptied the last can of spray.
  14. Printer Cartridges/Compressed Air to Clean Keyboard – When your taking care of business, printer cartridges and computer cleaning products are always needed.
  15. First Aid Kit – Unfortunately, accidents happen.  It could be a cut, scrape, or burn.  Being prepared is important.
  16. Rolls of Quarters/Detergent/Dryer Sheets/Laundry Basket – Doing laundry doesn’t end because you’re in college.  Washer and dryers take quarters.  And, clothes can’t be cleaned with detergent and dryer sheets.
  17. Bed Sheets/Comforter/Pillows – Having a nice, clean bed is essential in getting a good night’s sleep.  This applies to dorms or apartments as well as home.  So, fresh sheets, a plum comforter, and heathy pillows are essential.
  18. Towels/Washcloths –  Towels and washcloths are essential items for a college student.
  19. Picture Frames and Photo Albums –  Making memories in college is important. I remember my daughter wanting special frames to house her dance team photos.  Additionally, specials nights out with friends, and with the love of life who is now her husband.
  20. Subscription to Netflix, Hulu etc. –  Cable in college is a luxury.  However, subscriptions to Netflix or Hulu is a perfect gift.
  21. Footbath/Nail Polish/File/Clippers/Manicure Items – I remember my daughter and her roommates giving each other manicures and pedicures.  They enjoyed painting each other nails and experimenting with makeup.
  22. Shower Caddy/Shower Cap –  Holiday gift ideas for college students should include shower storage items. A means to store shampoo, conditioner and body wash is important.
  23. Diffuser/Oils –  I replaced burning candles with essential oils, and I love them.  They’re great for relaxing, keeping calm and staying centered.
  24. Duct Tape/Screw Driver/Pliers/Wrench –  Although we may not want to think about things coming apart, they do.  Throw in some nails, picture hangers and screws too.  These are holiday gift ideas for college students that they won’t think of.
  25. Charging Station –  Charging Stations are great for charging a phone, tablet, Kindle or other items in one place.
  26. Fire Stick/Smart TV/Printing/Media Streaming Device
  27. Bed Pillow For Support While Watching TV or Studying
  28. Storage Crates – Great for  storing movies, papers or using as a table.
  29. Ironing Board/Iron – Purchasing an ironing board that can be used on a bed or table is a good idea.
  30. DSR Camera – Capturing memories throughout college years is important.  It only happens once, so encourage your son or daughter to capture as many memories as possible.

Finally, we hope you found our list of holiday gift ideas for college students helpful. Pick a few items from the list, and I guarantee your college student will be happy.  These items make great care packages throughout the year too. You may also like How to Decorate a Dorm Room On a Budget.



15 Festive Christmas Cookie Ideas

Christmas Cookie Ideas


Nothing says Christmas better than twinkling lights and a batch of homemade cookies.  I decided to do a round-up of festive, but flavorful Christmas cookie recipes.  The goal was to look for cookies that were unique and would make a great gift or look festive on a party table.  I think out 15 Festive recipes will do just that.  Here’s a roundup:


Christmas Cookie Ideas


Candle Cookies – First, these candle cookies will shine brightly on a Christmas dessert table.  Raw almonds, chocolate and wafers place this festive cookie on the list of of great Christmas cookie ideas.


A Rat King per se.  Additionally, these are a perfect Christmas cookies for The Nutcracker lover.  The Nutcracker just happens to be one of favorite ballets. Whether you display these cookies on a table or place them in a tin, the recipient will love them.  Add these to the top of your Christmas cookie ideas.


Ice Skate Cookies
– Furthermore, sugar cookies, candy canes and icing help these sugar cookies come to life.  Figures 8, Death Spiral and Lay Back Spin are a few of the positions in this sport.  So, if you have a little ice skater or a big ice skater, fill a tin with these adorable cookies and they will love you for them.

Christmas Cookie Ideas

Snow Globes are a favorite Christmas decorating idea.  As a result, they also make an adorable and delicious cookie.  The Wilton Snowglobe Cookie Cutter will help make your task easier.  These cookies are a conversation piece for sure.

Another Christmas cookie idea is candy canes. Who doesn’t love Candy Canes?  They’re great in hot chocolate or with hot Chocolate.  Sugar Cookie dough, red food coloring gel and crushed peppermints will help bring this cookies to life.

A sure that Christmas is around the corner, is the sign of the Christmas tree.  Who said that it has to been the real thing, why not stacked sugar cookies.  Prepared sugar cookie dough, white icing and green sugar will get you on your way to making these great gifts.  These cookies should be somewhere on your list of Christmas cookie ideas for sure.

Sugar Cookie Snowmen  – The little guys are so cute, and sure to bring a smile to a little one’s face.  Gum drops, sugar cookie dough, and chocolate baking bites.


Christmas Cookie Ideas

One of the most exciting things about Christmas is the Christmas lights.  I could sit for hours watching them on my Christmas tree.  Why should be just stop with the lights on the tree?  Sugar cookies shaped into Christmas lights are sure to be mesmerizing too.

Christms Cookie Ideas

Next, who doesn’t love hot coco?  A hot coco cookie will make a cup of coco taste even better.  Marshmallows, candy cane and a cookie.  It’s perfect Christmas/winter treat.  Switch out the Christmas tree for snowman, and you make these after the holidays.

Rice Krispie Gingerbread Pops  – Nice twist on the gingerbread man.  Chewy and gooey chocolate rice krispie treats on a festive holiday stick.

Christmas Cookie Ideas

Polar Bear Cookies – These polar bear cookies not only look delicious, but they’re cute as a button.  They would be great for a Christmas treat or any time during the winter months.  So, have a little fun.  Whip up a few batches.


Marbled Cookie Cutouts –  How cool are these?  Sugar cookies dough, food coloring, and your favorite Christmas cookie cutters is what you need for these tri-colored sugar cookies.  Fun and festive.  Great project with the kids.

Christmas Cookie Ideas


Santa Hats – Santa Claus is Coming to Town.  As a result, this can a fun treat for Christmas eve.  Rice Krispy treats, buttercream frosting and food coloring are the stars.


Christmas Cookie Ideas

Also, Christmas Ornaments don’t have to just hang on the tree.  These cake balls covered with colored chocolate and sprinkles are the perfect snacks for the holidays.  So place a few in a gift bag or mason jar and finish it with a pretty bow.

Additionally, Christmas Wreaths are great snacks too.  Your best sugar cookie recipe, a round cookie cutter, icing bags and tips and you’re on your way.

Last, we hope that you found a few of our Christmas cookies ideas irresistible, and you will be making a few batches for the holidays.  Finally, we Wish a Merry and Blessed Christmas!


Gift Ideas For Babies This Christmas



Christmas gift ideas for babies


Buying for a baby can be tough, after all, this little human isn’t even fully aware of their surroundings until down the line! Because babies need so much stuff, it’s difficult to know what they already have or what the parents need.  This can leave you feeling stumped when it comes to buying for Christmas.  Here are a few gift ideas for babies that you can buy at Christmas.

Sentimental Gift

An item that can be kept and treasured is a nice option. It might not be able to be used in the here and now, but it’s a lovely thing for them to look at when they grow up.  Sites like this have lots of things to buy for a baby so you could browse for inspiration. It could be a special photo album, a piece of art or some kind of trinket.

A Gift Certificate 

You can’t go wrong with a gift certificate as an idea for babies for Christmas. The parents could use the gift certificate for sales after Christmas.  A gift certificate can also be used toward a larger purchase that the parents were planning on buying.  Alternatively, you could purchase a gift certificate for sites such as Amazon. This gives them a wider selection of things to choose from.

A Donation To Their Savings Account

Many parents set up a savings account for their baby.  Instead of buying a gift, you could make a monetary donation.   Parents could use the donation toward their child’s education or a deposit on a house. It’s something that will make a substantial difference to their lives, and all of these smaller contributions add up over the years.

Baby Clothes

Baby clothes will be needed and used by the parents.  A sweet outfit with booties and a hat wouldn’t cost much.  However, they grow so quickly.  Chances are the parents will be going through clothes like crazy.  Clothing of any kind will be useful and well used while they fit!

We hope you find our gift ideas for babies helpful.

Christmas White Trash Recipe

 White Trash Recipe

Today I’m sharing my favorite snack during the holidays.  Christmas White Trash recipe is one of the items that I place in my Christmas Gift Baskets or give as tokens of appreciation for attending my holiday gatherings.  I’ve been making this recipe for several years, and I munching on it during the holidays. I’ve seen several different names for it, White Trash or Christmas Crunch. Whatever you decide to call it just make it. It’s a great mixture of salty and sweet, it’s so easy to make and delicious to eat

What you will need:

  • 9 cups of unsweetened cereal (I use Rice Chex and Cheerios)
  • 3 cups of salted party nuts (I use peanuts with sea salt)
  • 2 – 2 1/2 cups of stick pretzels
  • 1 – 2 cups of Christmas M&Ms (Optional)  
  • 2-12 oz. bags of White Chocolate  (I use about 1/4 of a bag more when I add the M&Ms)
  • Wax or Parchment Paper


white trash recipe

Mix dry ingredients in a large mixing bowl.  Next, melt chocolate slowly in the microwave.  First, start the melting process for 1 minute and than 50 second increments until it’s melted.  Stir the chocolate thoroughly after each 50 second increment.

I do not recommend using a plastic container to melt your chocolate. From my experience, it won’t sustain the heat and the chocolate tends to scorch in them.  I recommend using Corning Ware Bowls for the job.  However, if you don’t have Corning Ware make sure that your bowl is microwavable and it will sustain the heat.

This step is important, use small bowls to mix the dry ingredients and chocolate together. I’ve found that the smaller ingredients (Cheerios and peanuts) tend to fall to the bottom of the bowl.  Mixing in smaller batches allows you to control the ingredients and ensures a more even coverage of chocolate.


Christmas White Trash Recipe

Once your ingredients have been covered with the white chocolate, spread it on the wax or parchment paper to dry and set.  I allow mine to set for at least an hour.  Once it is set, break into pieces and place in a festive bowl or airtight container.  Finally, if you are making the Christmas White Trash recipe as a gift, place it in a plastic or cellophane bag and tie with a pretty ribbon.   Also, if you’re having a holiday gathering or office party, place this mix in a festive bowl.  Sit back and enjoy your family and co-workers devouring this festive treat.