How to Navigate New York City Like a Local


New York City travel tips



New York City (NYC) is a city on the go.  Everyone is in a hurry to go somewhere.  So, if you want to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city consider taking a tour.  Cruises such as Liberty Cruise NYC packages allow you to tour NYC leisurely. However, if you want to navigate the city like a local , here are some tips that will come in handy:

Walk Properly

If you are traveling in a large group, walk independently instead of walking side by side. Furthermore, don’t hold hands.  The easiest way to incur the wrath of the locals is to walk side by side while holding hands.  If you want to get along with everyone, walk single file and keep moving.   Additionally, if you need to stop, get off the sidewalk.  It’s important to keep the flow of traffic moving.


Riding Bikes

If you have decided to rent a bike, obey all traffic laws to avoid getting into any trouble. Moreover, you should keep off the sidewalk because it is meant for pedestrians. Make sure that you ride on the paved streets.  Furthermore,  do not run any red lights. You should also remember that pedestrians have right of way.


New York City travel tips


Use the Subway Carefully

If you want to use the subway to get to your destination, you should have your card out and ready for swiping.  Don’t block the turnstile searching for your card.  If you start rummaging through your purse at the last minute, you will definitely irritate many people.

Once you’re on the subway be considerate of others.  Avoid sprawling out over too much space. No matter how tired you feel, you should not sit on the steps while waiting for the train because they are dirty.


Navigate the Grates Carefully

In Manhattan, there are many grates on the ground.  As a result, you should avoid them if you are wearing heels. On the other hand, if your shoes are flat you can walk on the grates.  Leave ground that is not grated for people with small dogs or those in heels.  Remember, if you displace the grates, you or others can fall ten feet down.  So, use caution to avoid injuries.


Use Phone Maps

If you are not sure of your destination, you can use a phone map.  They can help you figure out where you are in relation to your destination.  However,  you should not shy away from asking New York City residents because they are friendly people.


Don’t Use the Cell Phone When Walking

Even if you are looking at maps to figure out where you are going, burying your head in your phone is a bad idea.  You could end up falling into holes or bumping into people.  To avoid this,  you should stop if you want to look at a map or just ask for directions.


Watch the Umbrella

If you are carrying an umbrella, you should lift it up when you pass people.  This will help avoid crashing into them. Moreover, you do not want to injure someone and ruin a good day.


New York City is a Gawking City

The city is filled with attractions, performers, and celebrities. If you are not careful, you might not reach your destination on time.  As a result, make sure that you pay attention to your surroundings.  Most importantly, you want to avoid blocking the flow of foot traffic. If you have to stop, get off the sidewalk or stand flush with the buildings.






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  1. Rhonda you are so on the mark with this.  I had never realized just how we are as New Yorkers till I moved back.  We walk fast, and are on a mission and heaven help anyone who gets in our way.  I used to have a pair of sneakers that I’d wear to work and home too just so I could walk fast. And you are so right about the attractions that will stop us in our tracks.  Now that I’m back I walk around staring at everything, just like the tourists.  Great post!!

    • Rhonda Gales says:

      I love New York.  I hope to make a trip in the spring.  It’s a fast paced city for sure.  I worked in Washington, DC for years, so I understand the pace.  Looking forward to seeing your posts.