My Grandson’s B-Day Gift

I purchased this adorable table and chair set for my grandson’s birthday. He’s into cars and learning to color, finger paint etc., so I thought this would be the perfect gift for him. I found it on a site earlier, but when I went back to purchase it was sold out. I decided to try Walmart, they had it for $40.00 less, free shipping from Site-To-Store, and you could have the chairs personalized. I jumped on it. Unfortunately, we live 5 hours away so we were unable to put it together before we arrived for his party. I’ll post a picture once my son-in-law puts it together.

I love the primary colors, and feel sure that he will get lots of use out of it. Most Matchbox and Hot Wheel cars fit the track, so we’re starting a collection for him. I’ve found that Big Lots carries the Matchbox and Hot Wheels cars for $1.00 each. Since he is only 2, I won’t feel bad if he loses one or two or three, lol. Once he gets older and can truly appreciate them, we’ll invest a little more in the collection.

If you know any place that sells the Hot Wheels and Matchbox cars for a reasonable price, please leave me a comment. If you don’t know where to purchase the cars, leave me a comment anyway. I would love to hear your opinion on this Great Find.



  1. What an awesome gift! My sons wold LOVE that.

  2. this is a great gift!  i bet he loves it!

  3. I've never seen anything like that! That is so neat!

  4. My goodness I just love this table and my grandson too would play for hours with this. Thank-you for posting the information!

  5. OMG I love that set! I saw some packs of Hotwheels cars at Walmart. You can try the dollar store as well, just make sure they aren't painted with lead paint.

  6. That's a really cool table! I'm sure he'll have lots of fun! =)

  7. Oh my goodness. Mikey Bear would have a fit over that. I will definitely have to get him one for his birthday.

    I usually get his hot wheel cars at Walmart for $0.97.

  8. Oh I wish that I had had something like that when my guys were little!! That is so cute!! Great present!!

  9. Ok WOW!  That is the coolest table EVER!!  I wonder if they make one for trains? My little girl is seriously in LOVE with trains right now…..

    I love this blog – so fun!

  10. How utterly adorable is that!  My son would just die if he unwrapped that for his birthday!