You Call This An Elmo Cake?

Normally I’m an upbeat person and can let most things roll off my back. When it comes to my grandson, MaMa will draw the line. This picture is of my precious Xavier who turned two yesterday. We hosted his party at the Jumping Monkey in Virginia Beach, VA on Saturday. The establishment was responsible for creating his birthday cake. We requested that the bottom be made of cupcakes; the surface (icing) was suppose to cover the cupcakes and contain a picture of Elmo. This is a picture of the cake that they served. Is this the most pathetic Elmo cake that you have seen? It’s damn sure the most pathetic one that I have seen.

To say that I was livid would be an understatement. The icing was 2 inches thick, we had to search for Elmo on the surface of the cake, and get this it had a fish bowl and some character that we have no clue to this day who it is. Hello, the fish bowl is connected to Dr. Seuss not Sesame Street. This is coming from an establishment who caters to children. Kinda scary isn’t it?

Look at the picture, my sweet Xavier doesn’t care. He just wants to lick the icing on the cupcakes. Isn’t it funny, how children can have fun anytime, anywhere and it’s the adults that act a fool when things aren’t perfect. Even so, I refused to pay for this poor excuse for a cake. I look back on it and I can laugh now, but believe me I wasn’t laughing Saturday when they brought it out and set it before him.  My response was truly WTH? I could have made a better looking cake, and I’ve never baked a cake in my life.

My grandson will be visiting this week-end, so I will be having a small cake made at one of the local bakeries.  I just can’t stand the thought of that pathetic cake being in my scrapbook for his second birthday.  I’ll be sending a picture to the Jumping Monkey, so they can see what a real Elmo cake looks like. I’ll be sure to post a picture of the cake we serve this week-end.

Can you relate to my despair? Leave us a comment and let us know about a major disappointment at your child’s birthday party. Haven’t had one, leave a comment on what you think about the cake presented at my grandson’s party, and if you would have been disappointed.



  1. Wow. It amazes me how some places think that these things are "OK"

  2. i know you werent happy, but I am currently looking for elmo cake ideas and was thinking of the goldfish as "part" of the cake, as it is part of elmos world. In the future maybe you can help the cake decorator with drawings or picture from the web. The most important thing is your grandson was happy ! Sometimes thats easier said then done with kids !

  3. Kid's never care about that kind of stuff. I always get myself worked up over things like that too. I guess it just depends on who's paying for it…

  4. I think a giant red oval with eyes and a nose would have been better.  I had no clue who the random bald guy was until I read some of the other comments. I did recognize Dorothy the goldfish because we have an Elmo's world dvd that has a 'friends' segment and Dorothy has a goldfish friend.

    And yuck on the frosting.  Yeah, lets give toddlers tons of sugar.  They won't run amok.

  5. Time to send your picture here:

  6. I'm sorry it didn't meet expectations! I'd be a bit bummed too!

  7. Looks like Elmo, Dorothy (the fish) and Mr. Noodle to me!  But I know what you mean — it's about failed expectations.

  8. Definitely not what I would have expected for an Elmo cake. There are some freaking cute Elmo cakes out there they could have gotten some inspiration from!

  9. I would be the same way about the cake.  This actually happened to me last year for my son's 5th birthday.  We got a spiderman cake that looked awesome in the ordering book.  But when I went to pick it up, the icing was pink!  It was horrible, but my son didn't seem to mind, so I had to let it go.

  10. That's so sad.  At least your grandson still looks happy!  And yes, tatertot374 is right – the newer Sesame Street's have Elmo's World which has Elmo, Dorothy the fish, and Mr. Noodle.  But if your grandson didn't know who it was, then it shouldn't be there! Kudos to you for taking and stand and not paying for it!

  11. Wow. It amazes me how some places think that these things are "OK"

  12. Awe 🙁 I know that it was not what you expected and I would have probably been pretty upset also but as long as your grandson liked it, it was all worth it in the end 🙂


  13. I agree it is pretty sad but I am glad he had a great time regardless.
    My youngest daughter still watches Elmo quite often and I believe the fish bowl is supposed to be Dorothy the fish and the guy is Mr. Noodles from his Elmo World shows.

  14. Uhh yeah what's up with the fishbowl and bald guy? Definitely the strangest Elmo cake I've ever seen.

    But it looks like he had a great birthday!