Care Packages For Troops

Operation Sugar Kisses will be launched January 2009. Each month Giggles & Sugar Kisses will send a Sugar Kiss (care package) to a soldier. They miss home and the modern conveniences that we take for granted, so we’ve decided to help brighten their day.

Sugar Kisses needs monthly donations and we would like our readers to become involved. Please place our Operations Sugar Kisses button (above) on your blog and let family, friends, your church and anyone who will support our initiative know about our program. We need donations as well as the name and address of a soldier who would appreciate a Sugar Kiss. The name and address of the soldier can be sent to We will build a list with the soldier’s name and post of duty. Each month we will randomly select who we will receive a Sugar Kiss.

Here’s a list of what our soldiers need:

  • hard candy
  • homemade cookies
  • chips/pretzels/cheese curls (snacks)
  • envelopes & writing paper
  • pens
  • deodorant
  • tooth brushes
  • tooth paste
  • foot powder
  • lotion
  • sun screen
  • chap stick
  • batteries (AA, AAA & D)
  • gum/mints
  • sports and/or automotive magazines less than 2 months old
  • disposal razors
  • white socks
  • cheese & peanut butter crackers
  • ramen/cup o noodles
  • shampoo
  • conditioner
  • hair brushes & combs
  • unscented baby wipes
  • toilet paper on rolls
  • packets of Kleenex
  • shower shoes
  • cans or packages of nuts
  • facial moisturizer
  • unscented lotions
  • hand sanitizer
  • paper back books.

Donations may be sent to:

Giggles & Sugar Kisses
58 Aldrin Lane
Martinsburg, WV 25403

Thank you for supporting for this worthy endeavor.



  1. Anonymous says:

    To All Troop Supporters,
    I want to extend a very heartfelt gesture of appreciation regarding your support.  I spent 15 months in Iraq (2007-2008).  Throughout my deployment I received care packages for my soldiers.  Regrettably, I was unable to write a ‘thank you’ letter/e-mail to every caring person. 
    I would like to ensure you that your actions boosted morale by giving them a little piece of home.  Thank you very much for your uplifting thoughts and prayers, as well as your gifts and care-packages. I say this on behalf of all land/sea/air troops that are either deployed and/or state-side.

    CPT Trevor W. Shelden
    IN, USA

  2. can u email me the HTML for the button, and i would be more than willing to post a blog about what your doing when u launch it. Im an Army wife stationed overseas, and when hubby was deployed, he was sent so many packages from ppl. But there are so many soldiers with little to no family. What a wonderful person you are! Let me know how we can help!!

  3. It’s loaded now, but I’d LOVE it if it was only 125 px wide…Possible?

    It looks odd in my sidebar as it’s wider than the others.

  4. I’m putting the button on my blog.  What a great idea. Good luck in your endeavor.

  5. Thank you in advance for doing this!  I’ve copied your post and placed on mine (with credit to you of course!) I’ll send what I can.  God Bless!

  6. Thanks for the info about supporting the troops.  I added your button to my site.