How To Bring Backyard Birds To Your Feeder

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                                                             Downy Woodpecker


                                                              Female Cardinal

                                                               Male Cardinal


                                                                        Blue Jay

                                                            Mourning/Turtle Dove

I’m a bird watcher!  Watching birds go by, my, my, my.  Since I’ve started gardening, I’ve starting noticing the birds more.  I’ve placed several feeders throughout the yard, and I love watching the birds enjoy the feed.  My favorites are the Blue Jays and the American Gold Finch.  The Blue Jays love peanuts and the Gold Finch love sunflower seeds.  Their colors are beautiful.  The Gold Finch loses it brilliance and turns a dull yellow after summer.   

                                                            Male American Gold Finch

                                                                      Carolina Chickadees

                                                                  Red-bellied Woodpecker

                                                                            House Finch
I’m learning the identity of these birds as I go along.  This particular feeder is located outside my bedroom window.  This is where I blog and watch my favorite TV shows.  Sitting by the window makes it easy to get great shots while they’re feeding.  Placing a feeder in the yard is a great way to get your children interested in the birds, learn their calls, and watch them interact with each other.  Their habits are quite interesting. 

To draw birds to the feeder, I filled this one with a combination of raw peanuts, wild birdseed, and black oil sunflower seeds.  I purchase the regular birdseed from the dollar store, the raw peanuts from Amazon and the sunflower seeds from Lowes.  They seem to have the best prices.  I grew sunflowers in the garden this year, but they didn’t stand a chance with the American Gold Finch.  The started feasting early morning and didn’t stop until sunset.  There were no sunflower seeds left to harvest.  I fill the feeder every 2 – 3 days.  I will be adding a suet feeder to the tree during the winter.  The birds need the fat during the colder months.

If you missed my post on making Birdseed Cookies, just click on this link.  It’s a fun activity for the kids this winter and they will be helping nature feed our feathered friends.  Do you have your children involved in nature?  What activities do they do?