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Are you thinking about purchasing family pets? It’s a great idea, especially if you have children.  Owning family pets teaches children about responsibility.  Furthermore, it gives them something to bond with.  The animal often becomes a beloved, treasured member of the family.  However, there’s just one problem, and that’s the mess.

Like it or not, animals do come with mess. Dogs, tend to drop hair wherever they go. While there are breeds that don’t shed quite as much as others, you’ll still have issues with muddy paws and wet dogs wandering into the home. Oh, and don’t forget that you’ve also got about three months before they are fully house trained. Unfortunately, there can be accidents and incidents after that time too.

Of course, dogs aren’t the only animal that makes your home quite messy. Cats will often bring in whatever they collect from outside.  Even small animals like hamsters tend to make the home smell.  That said, there are animals you can keep as pets that aren’t nearly as messy.

How About A Horse

Horses are large, beautiful and majestic creatures.  If you want the pet without the issue of mess around the home or in the garden, horse is an option. However, horses are expensive.  Even after you’ve paid a couple grand for the animal, you’ll also need to rent a stable to keep the horse in and a pasture for it to run and graze in.  Once you have that, you then need to think about the type of care and attention a horse needs.  Like any animal, horses are very sociable creatures.  As a result, they’ll need regular visits.  Additionally, there will be vet bills.  Consider the distance between your home and the stable when you’re looking for places to board your house.

That said, the benefits of having a horse speak for themselves. They are wonderful companions, and your child will be able to learn to ride it as well.

Beautiful Marine Life

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If you want animals that require a little maintenance, garden fish might be the perfect option. You can build a pond in your garden to house a group of fish. The important part is making sure that the pond is waterproof. You need a pond liner for this.  So, you’ll be able to find a wide range of pond liners online. Remember, you should have more than one fish in your pond because they do like company. Kids can still name their fish, and they can still be given lots of key responsibilities such as feeding them. While you can’t play fetch with fish, some people do find them quite mesmerizing to watch.  Particularly exotic fish in brilliantly bright colors.



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Or finally, how about keeping some rabbits in your backyard. While these do require slightly more attention than fish, your home won’t smell because they’ll live outside in a hutch. The only thing you’ll need to watch out for are foxes. Keep rabbits in elevated hutches so  predators can’t get to them.  Also, the hutches will need to be cleaned out weekly.

So, what do you think? Would you like to make any of these animals family pets?



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  1. We certainly don’t have room for a horse! I’ve wanted to have bunnies again but I am pretty sure my 2 cats would object! But bunnies do make great pets, they are easy to potty train but you do have to watch your cords.They can chew threw them in a snap!

    • Rhonda Gales says:

      I had considered buying a few horses years ago. When I realized the cost to board, feed, vet bills etc., that thought quickly went out the window.  I had thought about a bunny, my grandchildren love bunnies.  They grow out of things quickly. I would be the one taking care of the bunny for sure, lol.  Just like the dog that my daughter had to have when she was younger, and the fish!