5 Festive and Delicious Holiday Dog Treats: Unique Gifts

holiday dog treat ideas

Christmas is around the corner.  Soon the kitchen will be filled with the joys of baking.  Homemade cookies are always a Christmas favorite.  Either as gifts or treats for family and friends.  But what about the family pet?  They love treats too.

We gathered a few recipes, so that you can make delicious holiday dog treats for your family pooch.  If you don’t have a dog make these holiday dog treats for a family member’s or friend’s pooch.  They’re healthy and delicious, so you don’t have to worry about the treats being harmful to your pet.  We have bones, candy canes, Christmas Trees, gingerbread men, and mittens.  Perfect for gift giving.

Mint and Apple Dog Bones    –  Mint and apple are the flavors that your pet will be enjoying while nibbling on the doggy bone treats.  You make them natural or use green food coloring or spinach powder if you want a Christmas color.

Candy Cane Dog Treats – Another holiday dog treat is the candy cane. These are adorable, and festive too.  We all love candy canes, now you can give your pet a candy cane too.  They’ll be wagging their tail with joy when they taste the peppermint and chicken flavors in this festive treat.

Christmas Tree Dog Cookies – Another holiday dog treat!  A sure sign of that Christmas has arrived is the Christmas tree.  Celebrate the festivities with your pooch and these peanut butter treat.

Gingerbread Men Dog Treats  – Run, run as fast you can.  You can’t catch me I’m the gingerbread man.  Toss your pet pal a few of these peanut butter gingerbread men.

Mitten Dog Treats – Your pet may not be able to wear them, but they can sure eat them.  Peppermint and peanut butter are the stars in these Christmas treats.

Wrap a few of these treats for yourself, a family member or friend.  They will be appreciative, and your 4-legged friend will love you for them.



Gift Ideas for Pets: Holiday Edition



gift ideas for pets

If only you could ask your four-legged family members exactly what’s on their holiday wish list. Luckily, there’s a good amount of empirical evidence that they’re partial to treats.  Furthermore, cozy places to snooze and games that channel their sense of fun. We’ve compiled a few gift ideas for pets that will help you show them your love:

Give your cat a spa treatment

With this facial massage roller.  It’s specially-designed for kitties.

A pet-loving pinch-hitter for when you’re not around 

Also known as a Rover.com pet sitter. Hate leaving your four-legged friend at home alone during the day? Hire a Rover sitter to take your pup for a walk, provide daycare, or even take them in for a weekend. There’s nothing your little love digs as much as attention.  Well, maybe treats, but we’ll get to that later.  So, during the times when you won’t be available, treat them to some extra love, exercise, and care from the experienced, thoroughly-vetted pet sitters at Rover.

A cozy new bed or blanket

Additional gift ideas for pets is to make a customized bed or blanket.  You can match it to your decor, the season, or whatever pattern or color your heart desires.  Purchase super soft fleece from your local craft or fabric store.  Cut two pieces the size you’d like the bed or blanket to be.  Next, cut fringe-like slits all around the border.  To make it into a bed, insert a pillow between the two pieces, then tie corresponding fringe pieces from each fabric piece together. To make it a blanket, simply tie together without the stuffing.

Catnip bubbles

Sounds too good to be true when it comes to kitty entertainment, but these bubbles combine the irresistible combination of catnip scent with the fun of bubbles, meaning you get to drive your cat crazy as they bat away at the smell of their favorite treats.

We hope you enjoyed our gift ideas for pets suggestions, and you will choose 1 or 2 ideas your pet or as a gift.

Family Pets Without The Mess


family pets


Are you thinking about purchasing family pets? It’s a great idea, especially if you have children.  Owning family pets teaches children about responsibility.  Furthermore, it gives them something to bond with.  The animal often becomes a beloved, treasured member of the family.  However, there’s just one problem, and that’s the mess.

Like it or not, animals do come with mess. Dogs, tend to drop hair wherever they go. While there are breeds that don’t shed quite as much as others, you’ll still have issues with muddy paws and wet dogs wandering into the home. Oh, and don’t forget that you’ve also got about three months before they are fully house trained. Unfortunately, there can be accidents and incidents after that time too.

Of course, dogs aren’t the only animal that makes your home quite messy. Cats will often bring in whatever they collect from outside.  Even small animals like hamsters tend to make the home smell.  That said, there are animals you can keep as pets that aren’t nearly as messy.

How About A Horse

Horses are large, beautiful and majestic creatures.  If you want the pet without the issue of mess around the home or in the garden, horse is an option. However, horses are expensive.  Even after you’ve paid a couple grand for the animal, you’ll also need to rent a stable to keep the horse in and a pasture for it to run and graze in.  Once you have that, you then need to think about the type of care and attention a horse needs.  Like any animal, horses are very sociable creatures.  As a result, they’ll need regular visits.  Additionally, there will be vet bills.  Consider the distance between your home and the stable when you’re looking for places to board your house.

That said, the benefits of having a horse speak for themselves. They are wonderful companions, and your child will be able to learn to ride it as well.

Beautiful Marine Life

Photo Creditfamily pets


If you want animals that require a little maintenance, garden fish might be the perfect option. You can build a pond in your garden to house a group of fish. The important part is making sure that the pond is waterproof. You need a pond liner for this.  So, you’ll be able to find a wide range of pond liners online. Remember, you should have more than one fish in your pond because they do like company. Kids can still name their fish, and they can still be given lots of key responsibilities such as feeding them. While you can’t play fetch with fish, some people do find them quite mesmerizing to watch.  Particularly exotic fish in brilliantly bright colors.



Image Sourcefamily pets


Or finally, how about keeping some rabbits in your backyard. While these do require slightly more attention than fish, your home won’t smell because they’ll live outside in a hutch. The only thing you’ll need to watch out for are foxes. Keep rabbits in elevated hutches so  predators can’t get to them.  Also, the hutches will need to be cleaned out weekly.

So, what do you think? Would you like to make any of these animals family pets?


4 Simple Ways to Prevent Allergies in Your Home


ways to prevent allergeries


Common allergies can cause people to live with annoying, painful symptoms. If you have allergies, then you have probably experienced headaches, runny noses, sleepless nights, and other problems. You can put an end to your suffering — and the suffering of your family members — by using these four simple ways to prevent allergies in your home.

Keep Pets Off Furniture

Letting your pets get on the furniture will cause problems for people who are sensitive to dander. Instead of letting your dog or cat share the couch with you, get a separate bed that will keep your furry friend comfortable. It only takes a small amount of training for domestic animals to understand that they aren’t allowed on furniture.

If you can’t resist snuggling with your pet, get a hypoallergenic breed that won’t make allergic people feel sick. Popular hypoallergenic breeds include:


  • Bichon Frise
  • Chinese Crested
  • Poodle
  • Schnauzer

Cats tend to cause more allergic reactions than dogs, but there are a few hypoallergenic breeds to consider.

Replace Your HVAC System’s Air Filter

Your home’s HVAC system can remove a lot of allergens from the air. It can only do the job well, though, when it has a clean filter to capture dust, pet dander, and other allergens.

Some experts recommend replacing air filters once per month. That works as a general rule, but in reality, your filter will collect more dirt during times of the year when you use your air conditioner or furnace frequently. Inspect your filter monthly to see if you need to replace it. Don’t let more than 90 days pass between replacements, though. If it’s been 90 days, your home’s indoor air quality will benefit from a new filter.

Ask People to Use Doormats Before Coming In

When you think of pollen, you probably imagine it floating through the air. The air’s pollen count will affect allergies, but so will pollen that enters your home in other ways. Your shoes are one of the most common ways to track pollen into a house. When you walk across the lawn, you collect large amounts of pollen from small plants.

You can limit the amount of pollen that enters your home by having everyone wipe their feet before entering. It’s a good idea to put a mat on the inside and outside of each exterior doorway. With two doormats, you’ll take control of the pollen that tries to enter your house on shoes.

Vacuum and Dust Weekly

No matter what you do, some allergens will get inside your home. Regular cleaning is the best way to prevent the allergens from accumulating. Take time to vacuum and dust each room every week.

If you don’t already clean once per week, then it may take a while for you to get into the habit. Eventually, though, spending a few hours vacuuming and dusting will seem like a normal thing to do on the weekends.

It only takes a little effort to banish allergens from your home. In return, your household will enjoy better health and freedom from the sneezing, coughing, and other irritations that are caused by allergic reactions.

We hope that you find our tips on Simple Ways to Prevent Allergies beneficial.   You may also like Choosing the Perfect Pet for Your Family and House Cleaning Tips for Busy Moms.




How to Honor the Memory of Family Pets



family pets


Choosing a family pet, whatever it may be, is a wonderful experience for anyone. You just know that the companionship you can get from a dog or a cat is priceless.  Many people treat their pets as part of the family, and I can understand why.  They are there for you when you wake, and when you get home. It is like having an extension to your family. So when the worst happens, and you lose a pet through death or even your pets escaping, it can be  devastating.  I think all pet owners are faced with that one question, How to honor the memory of family pets?

This has brought me to the topic of discussion today. There are many ways we can honor the memory of family pets.  I thought I would explore some of them today.  I hope it offers you comfort in a sad time if you happen to be a pet owner or you are currently grieving the loss of your pet.

Burying a beloved pet

You never know when you are going to be faced with a loss of a pet.  It may be due to illness and expected over time.  However, it could be incredibly sudden.  Whatever the situation, you may want to think about burying your pet.   For example, you can bury them somewhere that reminds you of them. Some people choose to do this in their garden or even a pet cemetery.  You could even consider a headstone with your pets name and date of birth.  It’s a common way to honor the memory of your beloved pet.

Having a piece of jewelry made in their memory

Another way you can honor the memory of your pet is to consider having a piece of jewelry.  Perhaps buying a necklace or a bracelet.  Charm bracelets and necklaces are particularly popular.  You could use the opportunity to add an existing item or you can have a piece of jewelry made.  Having a diamond created from the ashes of your pet.  Your diamond would be a consistent reminder of the memory of your beloved pet.  For more information, check out companies like DNA 2 Diamonds.


family pets


Hold a memorial service

Many people consider their pets as part of the family.  So, it should be no surprise that other members of your family will feel exactly the same way when a loss occurs.  Seeking support from friends and family in laying them to rest is a wonderful way to say goodbye.  Furthermore, you have everyone can share stories from your pet’s life and mourn the loss together. A memorial service can be a great reminder that you’re not going through this pain alone.

Create a scrapbook

Every parent makes some sort of keepsake for their child, either digitally or in a book format. So, why not consider something similar for your pet? Collect pictures and add them to a scrapbook.  It’s always something you can look back on in the future.

Finally, I hope this helps you deal with the pain of losing a pet, and finding a way to honor the memory of your family pets.

Choosing The Perfect Pet For Your Family



how to choose a family pet


So, your family is ready for a pet. There are hamsters, guinea pigs, rabbits, dogs…the list goes on. How are you supposed to decide what the perfect pet is for your family?   Stop worrying, this guide can make choosing the perfect pet easier.

Consider The Age Of Your Children

The first thing you’ll want to consider is the age of your children. This is important for a number of reasons.  Can your kids help take care of the pet?  This will help make the children responsible and give them the pet is ‘theirs’ too feel. Also, some pets are great with older kids, but not so much with younger kids.  Make sure you know what’s best for your kids before you decide.

Take A Look At How Much Space You Have

The amount of space you have will play a big part in the kind of pet you decide to get. If you want a nice big family dog like a Labrador, you’re going to need lots of space. It needs to be able to run around and play with space to spare. If you have limited space, choosing a smaller pet is best. It isn’t fair on the pet if you don’t take this into account.

Look At Your Finances Carefully

You must make sure you can afford the essentials for your new pet. This includes food, treatment from places like https://www.petcarerx.com/frontline-plus-for-dogs/10884, toys, and other important things. You should never get a pet if money is limited.  Committing to your pet means ensuring you can spare the money it takes to keep them healthy and happy.

Research Pet Breeding

Researching different breeds of different animals will give you a good idea of what type of lifestyle they are suitable for.  If your family is active, a pet that likes to stay active is best. Lazy pets won’t be the best choice for an active family, and a lazy family certainly shouldn’t pick an energetic pet.  You should also take a look at their temperament. Considering things like this ensures that you’re the perfect match.


how to select a family pet


Going To View Different Pets

When you have a good idea of the type of pet you want, you can go to view different pets. Although you can’t tell much when they’re young, if they show a slight interest in you, this is a good sign!

Buying From A Reputable Source

Last, you must make sure you’re buying your pet from a reputable breeder or source. Some pets are poorly bred and looked after before they are sold.  As a result, this could lead to problems for the owner later on.  Be smart about where you buy your pet.  Make sure they are healthy and happy.

When you consider our tips, choosing the perfect pet for your family will be less difficult. It’s all too easy to choose a pet just because they look cute. Always make sure they suit your family, home, and lifestyle before making the final decision. Thanks for reading and come back soon!