Christening Day – Selecting A Cake


 I remembered the night my daughter called to tell me she would be dedicating my grandson to the Lord. Oh what a blessing. Although I hadn’t said anything to her, I had wondered when the day would come. Now that it had arrived, the day had to be special. We planned everything from his Christening suit to the meal after the service. I was given the honor of choosing his suit and hosting the meal after the service. My daughter and her husband attended the required classes at church and contacted those who had been selected as the God Parents. A role that is not taken lightly in our family; after all, the God Parents are involved in his upbringing and could possibly raise him if the parents are unable or meet an early death.

Besides baby and the dedication, the cake will be the center of attention. We wanted to carry a religious theme into the meal, so we decided to incorporate the cross on his cake. It turned out beautifully. We selected yellow cake with a butter cream icing rather than fondant. Personally, cakes with fondant icing can be pretty to look at, but removing the fondant to get to the icing is difficult and it makes it hard to really enjoy the cake. I wanted everyone to enjoy desert.

Not only was the cake beautiful it was delicious. To stay within budget, we had the bakery at one of our local grocery stores create the cake rather than a private bakery. Their cakes are just as delicious, and we saved enough to purchase these adorable “Tiny Blessings” accessories below.


We purchased the dinner and cake plates as well as the cups, napkins, and a matching table cloth for the food table. We purchased light blue table clothes and utensils at the Party Store. The tables turned out just as special as the day. I ordered the plates and cups on-line, but Target now carries the set in pink and blue if on-line shopping is not your thing.


Xavier dropped his pacifier for a taste of the creamy goodness on the cake. He loved his pacifier, so we knew that we were in for a special treat with the desert. We served potato salad, pasta salad, meatballs, green beans and corn and fresh fruit followed by ice cream and cake under white tents. There was a wonderful breeze, so the setting was perfect.

If you’re having a ceremony, other ideas for a cake are:

  • Angels
  • Christening Shoes
  • The Bible
  • Baby Jesus
  • A Lamb
  • Christening Gown

I feel at peace as a mother and grandmother. Knowing that my daughter’s faith is strong enough to dedicate her son to the Lord is a mother’s dream. I hope this post gives you a few ideas to make Christening Day special for you and yours. May you each be as blessed as we are.




  1. Anonymous says:

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  2. wonderfull

  3. Adorable! cute little Christening suit. It looked like a blessed day.