I’m An Addict

Hi, I’m Rhonda and I’m an addict. No I’m not a drug addict, but I am a reality tv and food network addict. I’m also addicted to blogging, Facebook, scrapbooking and on-line games. I’m not sure when it all started, but I do know that I’m in over my head. I believe it started with the Food Net Work, Iron Chief to be exact. I than moved to Project Run Way and on to all the Housewives shows. That’s right, Orange County, New York, Atlanta and now New Jersey.

I’m glued to the entire season of Project Run Way and now it Cupcake Wars. Did I leave out Bridezilla? I love then all. Damn Bravo, Lifetime and the Food Network. I’m yours, you own me.

The new season of Project Run Way starts this Thursday and I’ll be there. My favorite season of Project Runway was Season 4. I absolutely loved it. Chris March and Christian Soriano were on Season 4. Chris March was eliminated, Christian Soriano, above, went on to win at Fashion Week. Both were hilarious, Christian was my favorite. Maybe because he was from nearby Annapolis, MD. Maybe it was his catch phrases, Bitches, Hot Mess, I’m gonna die of barfness, Ferosh. If I was a 10 sizes smaller, this Bitch would be a Hot Mess in his Ferosh designs. Oh yes I would.

I’m not sure which of the housewife shows I like best. It would probably be the New York housewives if I had to choose. Why, because I think they’re probably the most real out of all the shows. I like the Atlanta Housewives, but I don’t like the fact that they are some broke ass bitches trying to betray themselves as Divas. I mean really. Now Nene keeps it real. I like Gretchen on OC, but Vicki irritates me at times. I respect the fact that she is a hard working woman with 600 insurance agents in her company. She’s not dependent on her husband’s income, she has paved the road to her own wealth.

I like Alex on the New York Housewives, but I think her husband is as sweet as he can be.  Ramona oh Ramona, you give me the creeps.  It’s the eyes girlfriend, they just freak me out.  I like Jill, but she was just not one of favorites this past season. I think Kelly is just a nut. Can we get a head doctor on the next season for her?

I’ve found a new drug that I use on Sunday nights, Cupcake Wars. You can catch it on the Food Network at 10:00 EST. I can’t bake to save my life, so I admire their creations. The show was summed up nicely, “This ain’t no cake walk, it’s a cupcake war”. 

I know that I need help, just turning off the TV is just not going to work for me.  I think I would literally have to take all of the TVs out of the house.  I also know that’s not going to happen, I just purchased a 37″ flatscreen for the bedroom.  Nothing has worked.  I’ve become a great multi-tasker.  I can watch all of my shows and play on-line games.  Love Plants versus Zombies, Bejeweled, and Cake Mania. 
I have learned to love myself unconditionally over the years.  That’s why I can stand before you proudly and say I’m an Addict.  Are you an addict?  Leave us a comment and tell us what you’re addicted to. 



  1. Real Housewives of New York City and OC are two of my faves.  Looove watching it and will even watch reruns.  I totally agree, Kelly needs some serious psych help.  My all-time fave character is Bethenny.  Not a big fan of the New Jersey one. 
    Another show I'm addicted to is America's Next Top Model.  Have watched every season since the beginning.

  2. I do like Cupcake Wars but I always forget about it darn it! I need to set the DVR! we LOVE Hell's Kitchen here and just caught the premiere of Gordon's newest reality show "MasterChef" looks great!, Also the Celebrity Apprentice is very high on our must see list (Brett Michaels was AWESOME last season!) as is Biggest Loser. That about does it for me for reality tv! What I am addicted to is the computer, I can't seem to get off of it 😀

  3. My episode of Cupcake Wars airs TONIGHT on Food Network!!  It's such a fun show, and it was so great participating.  Watch me, Red Velvet Stefanie, tonight.  http://www.redvelvetstefanie.com

  4. I LOVE LOVE LOVE reality t.v! I loved Hell's Kitchen and anything reality. They are just so much more entertaining then regular television 🙂

  5. I totally know what you mean!!!

  6. I'm a Project Runway fan, too.  I have to record it, because my husband won't watch it.

  7. I've never watched Cupcake Wars – I'll have to check it out because I love all the other shows you mentioned.

    LOVE Project Runway and the Real Housewives. And, oh my god, how much did you love the catwalk scene with Ramona's crazy eyes?!? Funniest thing ever.