The Packaging of Food Products Can Affect the Taste


Have you ever wondered why some things just taste better when eaten or drunk from certain containers?  For instance, it is believed that coffee will taste stronger if you drink it from a white mug as compared to a clear one.  This seems to be true even though it is the same brew.  Additionally, it appears that all senses are involved in the sensation of taste.  Packaging manufactures have taken note.  As a result, there are different types of boxes for different product types.  This is part of the food product packaging concept.

You can learn more here  So, lets delve a little deeper into the matter and discover how and why these connections exist in our minds.

Suggestive Design Can Be Healthier

For instance, products that suggest saltiness can use a food product packaging concept that reduces the salt content without compromising the taste of the food.  Similarly, sugar content in a lot of foods could be significantly lowered with the use of these food product packaging concept too.  Again, what’s important is the suggestion that the product is healthier and there is no perceived change in the taste to consumers.

The Picture on the Package Goes a Long Way

Consumers seem to be trained to look for certain elements on packaging too.  In most cases, these clues are subconscious.  They are a reflection of what our ancestors looked for in the food they choose.  However, you can make a conscious effort to pick up on those clues.  For instance, if the package displays the product contained inside, customers are more likely to connect with the product being high quality and tasty.  This packaging concept is often employed by food brands.

The next time you go food shopping, take a closer look at the packaging. You may be pleasantly surprised and empowered by having knowledge of how brands advertise.

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The Colors Affect 

For humans, colors can represent a lot of things.  But, there are some colors and associations which go beyond our conscious minds.  They delve deep into our primordial nature.  For instance, red and yellow are primary colors when it comes to food.  These colors stimulate hunger.  Which is why food brands will use these colors in their advertisement.

Brown and similar earthy tones are associated with nature and natural foods. The same kind of association comes with green, but the use of this color has reduced in the past few years.

Bright and bold colors are typically reserved for candy and other sweet products. The intensity of the color usually reflects the intensity of the taste of the product. On the other hand, reserved and pastel colors are used for savory products.  They signify a rich and deep flavor of high-end products.

The Tactile Texture Matters 

For many, the packaging is just a container.  It simply preserves and houses the product until it is used. However, there is so much more that goes on into packaging the product for potential consumers.  For example, the feel of the box can persuade you that the contents of the box are of high quality.  It can signify high quality even if is not.  Furthermore, the most recent texture marketing move was done by the potato chips producers.  The companies want to give the impression that their product is healthier.  As a result, they started using matte bags as opposed to the traditional shiny ones.

Finally, if you are in the food business, you should spend time designing your package.  Since, it will become a part of your product’s image the time will be an investment.  There are companies which can help you with that part, if you’re not design-savvy.  If you’re not in the food business, becoming knowledgeable of the packaging concepts can be beneficial simply because you’re a consumer.

Guest Post – How to Thrift Shop for Gorgeous Maternity Clothes

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Being pregnant is a great blessing.  For the first few months everything seems fine, and you can get away with no one noticing your condition. Pregnant women in that stage often turn to baggy jeans, sweats and skirts, steering away from maternity clothes.  However, this is only delaying the inevitable.  Once the belly gets huge a different approach is required.

Maternity Clothing Can Be Fashionable

Spending a truckload of money on apparel that is going to be worn for just six months is not the most pleasant notion. A regular wardrobe price makes it quite expensive to be dressed to the nines. Fortunately, the market is filled with great maternity clothing that is buried under mountains of flashy, commercial, and costly stuff. It is time to do  research and find local stores or online retailers that are budget friendly.

Brick and mortar stores such as Goodwill and Once Upon a Child are increasingly popular with many expecting moms. If time is of the essence, a customer may order pieces online.  You can find great maternity clothing in places such as a swap online consignment as well. With just a few clicks of the button women can secure a tailored dress designed for pregnancy, and one that also allows them to look fashionable. Comfort and quality come first, but the design is a close second.

If you’re shopping locally, it is highly recommended to check each piece thoroughly. Most items will probably be  worn just a handful of times, and are likely to be in a great condition. Also with such a variety and volume of clothing available, pregnant women can always discover clothes that fit like a glove and match their taste. There is no need to hide baby bumps anymore or shop for the tent look. Stylish women have proven that tight-fitting clothes are all the rage, accentuating the bump nicely.

Dress for the Occasion

Today, expecting moms pay much more attention to the bliss of the pregnant look.  This was hugely influenced by celebrities.  Blake Lively, Coco Rocha, Jessica Biel and others were spotted showing off their growing bellies while looking fabulous. They now compete over the best second-hand finds, and the reason is not just some desire to display frugality.  Going through piles of clothes in thrift shops enables you to find unique vintage pieces that are virtually impossible to come by in regular stores.

Famous people have paved the way to snatch the inexpensive ticket for the big fashion show. Following the lead of famous moms, it is advisable to stick to dark and solid colors. Bold prints and bright colors are a questionable choice, because they can make you look bigger and are not easy to mix and match.  Opt for pieces that reflect the regular style because repurposing will ensure that they serve well after the child is born.

A classic T-shirt and black dress are a perfect fit for informal as well as fancy occasions.  Finally, keep the eyes open for all things wrap (dresses, tops, sweaters) because their adjustable comfort is a blessing during pregnancy. Make your pregnant self look like a million dollars, even though you spent nowhere near that amount.

Show Your Baby Bump In Style 

Who said that pregnancy and stylishness do not go together? Move past stretchy and knit clothing, and dive into an ocean where opulent secondhand treasures lie. Invest time in finding clothes at a reasonable price, and you will be able to accumulate a beautiful dash without blowing your budget.

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Sophia Smith is an Australian based beauty, fashion and lifestyle blogger. She is also very passionate about DIY projects, latest fashion trends and organic beauty products. Sophia writes mostly in beauty and fashion related topics, mainly through blogs and articles. She is regular contributor at High Style Life.


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