Serving Up Justice

Would you become violent if you thought someone was trying to harm your child or trying to have an inappropriate relationship with them?  I’m not violent, but I will go to the end of the earth, prison or straight to hell if I thought someone was trying to harm my child or my grandchildren. Wondering what brought this thought process on?  I was reading an article where a 42 year old teacher was sending inappropriate text messages to a 15 year old.  The girl’s mother discovered the text messages on her phone and told the father.  They in turn called the police; however, the police didn’t see it as a crime.  Apparently the messages were “described an emotional relationship that seemed inappropriate for a teacher and student,” but they were not deemed a crime.  As a result, no charges were pressed against the teacher.  

How does inappropriate text messages from a 42 year old teacher to a 15 year old student not equate to a crime?  It gets better or freakier.  The teacher decides to show up at the student’s house to talk with the parents.  Dad wasn’t interested in having any conversations with the pervert, so he asked him to leave.  The teacher refused to leave, how bold is this?  Well, he took dad to a new level, dad started swinging on the teacher with a bat.  The teacher decided to leave after being beaten, but not press charges.  

Now lets do a recap.  A perverted 42 year old teacher sends inappropriate texts to a 15 year old student.  Our justice system doesn’t consider that a crime since sex wasn’t involved, so the teacher was not charged.  The pervert decides to show up at the student’s home to talk to mom and dad. They’re not interesting in talking to the pervert, but he refuses to leave their home.  Dad beats him with a bat, but dad’s not charged with assault because the pervert decided to not press charges.  Now if the pervert had decided to press charges, dad would have been arrested for assault.  Sometimes I just don’t understand our justice system.   

Mom, dads please monitor your children.  Teachers nor anyone else for that matter should automatically be trusted with our children just because they’re in our schools teaching our children, wearing a collar and calling themselves a priest or being a nice neighbor.  The world is full of twisted minds and they prey on children.  I wonder how far this educator would have gone if mom hadn’t checked the phone?  It’s important that we stay on top of what our children are doing and know who they’re interacting with.  Although the teacher was clearly in the wrong, the girl had to give him her phone number in order for him to text her.  

We must talk to our sons and daughters about inappropriate relationships with teachers, priests, ministers, neighbors and everyone else who could take advantage of them.  Unfortunately, some teens think the attention from an older man or woman is exciting.  We must make sure they understand the consequences of ending up in inappropriate relationships with those who should be looking out for their best interest and not taking advantage of them.   

I can relate to dad, I would have served up some justice too.  The nerve of him showing up at the parent’s home.  What kind of conversation did he think they would have, and than have the nerve to refuse to leave when asked. Clearly no respect for himself, their child or them.   

I wish the world was full of kind, genuine people.  It pains me to hear about all of the shootings at our schools, inappropriate teacher/student relationships, our children being abused by their parents and all of the other evil that exists in the world.  I pray about it. Unfortunately we can’t protect our children every minute of the day, but lets protect them when we can.