5 Reasons Why My Blog Is A Must Read

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Is this your first time visiting Mother 2 Mother?  I have 5 reasons why you should visit and than subscribe.  Lets get to it:

I Share Parenting Tips and Motivators for Parents –  There are thousands of parent blogs that you can read, but are they complaining about their journey or showing you how you can be successful? As a single mother who has already raised and college educated a daughter, I show you how you can be successful too. There is no booklet on how to parent perfectly.  I offer tips on how you can persevere when you think you can’t.  I share tips on instilling values, the importance of education, suggested reading, crafts and printables for kids.

Tips on Kitchen Gardening and Preserving –  Becoming self-sufficient is important.  I give tips on becoming a frugal shopper and growing your own produce.  Not only should you grow it, preserve it. There’s nothing better than fresh vegetables and herbs from the garden.  I provide tips on to grow organic vegetables from seed, how to care for the plants until they produce fruit (veggies), and how to preserve your harvest.  Growing your own vegetables and herbs help save on the grocery bill, allows you to have fresh vegetables year round, and serve healthy meals to your family. I also make jams, can homemade sauce, salsa and more.  Did I mention that you can garden on a balcony or use containers to produce fresh vegetables?  I’ll show you how.

I Empower and Inspire Women – We can all use a little motivation and inspiration.  As parents and as women, there are days that we will need a double dose of both.  I share tips on how to build your confidence, get motivated and let go of things from the past that are weighing you down.  Quotes are great motivators, tips to take care of ourselves emotionally and physically, skincare and fashion tips help build our self-esteem and learning to relax with books from our suggested reading list.

Fun Printables for Kids and Budget Friendly CraftsI love creating fun and educational activities for my grandchildren. It’s a great way to occupy them while you regroup. I also create budget friendly crafts for my home.

I Share My Thoughts On Life – Life can be tough and at times we need a little humor, other times we just need to tell it like it is. My tag line is Real Talk For Real Women. Hold on tight, the road through life can get bumpy.  I also love to travel, review products, and share my thoughts on this thing called life.

Because I’m constantly learning and growing, Mother 2 Mother is always evolving.  I hope you will stop by and subscribe. We would love for you to join the conversation.



  1. I enjoy reading your blog and the many things you post about.

  2. I love your quotes! Love all of your blog but I especially enjoy your quotes. Your blog really is a must read!

  3. I always find something interesting to read here! Your itemized list doesn't mention the warmth, friendliness and "we're all in this together" feeling you project – so I will!

    • Oh J, you just touched my heart.  Warmth, friendliness and a feeling of togetherness is my goal for Mother 2 Mother.  So glad to know that my readers are feeling it.  We need each other each other to succeed. As always, thanks for stopping by. 

  4. Lovin what I am reading thus far!!! I can't agree more about fresh herbs etc.. Starting to think about growing some herbs in my kitchen window sill. Will be coming over asking for tips lol xo

    • Hi Mari.  Growing herbs in your window sill is a good idea. They really add flavor to your dishes, and you will always have fresh herbs on hand.  Be happy to give you any tips that I can. Thanks for stopping by. 

  5. So glad to connect with another Virgo! We are special, aren't we? LOL Thanks for linking up and I'll be sure to give you a shout out on September 6th. Love the positive vibe in this post.