Wordless Wednesday

A Painted Horse!



  1. Wow, that's beautiful. My dad collects the small painted ponies…I'm going to call him & have him come to your blog, he'll LOVE that.

  2. Very unique.  I'm also wondering about the size of it.

  3. So cool! My 16yo would love that. SHe is a horse nut. Happy WW!


  4. Rhea@mommy23monkeys – Yes, that were full size horses.  They have them along one of the streets here in Ogden, Utah.  Absolutely beautiful.  I'll do doing a post within the next few days on more of the horses and history.  The art work is worthy of a post.

  5. wow my kids would love to have that.
    Stopping over from momdot. Happy WW

    here's mine

  6. That is quite something!

  7. Very cool!

  8. Very cool horse! I'm curious to know if it was full size as well.

  9. Cool!  I love the painted thingys art projects.  Happy WW!

  10. Wow that is so unique and beautiful.  Thanks for sharing.

  11. That's really pretty!

  12. Oooh!  That's pretty!  We have painted fish and painted streetcars here in New Orleans!

  13. How neat!

  14. That's cool Happy WW!

  15. Whoa! That's kinda trippy.

  16. Well, that's neat.  Was it full size or like a figurine?

  17. Very cool!  Happy WW!

  18. The most uniquely painted horse I've ever seen.  Very pretty!

  19. Very pretty!