Using Travel Checklists to Organize Packing


travel checklists


Going on vacation can be exciting and at the same time stressful.  Having travel checklists to ensure that you have items that you need can remove some stress.  I place my travel checklists on a clipboard and just leave it on top of my luggage or close by.

I start using my lists at least a week in advance of my trips.  Why, because I’m still dealing with running my household and everything that goes along with life.  As a result, I don’t trust myself to remember everything that I need to take or do. So, I use a travel checklists to help me remember.  Stress can cause temporary memory loss or forgetfulness. At least it does for me.  There’s nothing worst than reaching your destination, unpacking and realizing you forgot a bathing suit, PJs for the kids or a pair of sandals.

Furthermore, I have created a travel checklist for my grandchildren.  What a lifesaver!  It’s hard enough packing your own luggage.  When you have to pack for the children and you add gathering documents, hotel reservations, and securing transportation on top of it, it can be stressful. Having a checklist for the children can reduce that stress and possibly save money by not forgetting items.

travel check lists

Since I have a granddaughter and grandson, I tried to make the Kid’s Travel Checklist neutral.  Too many lists can be as stressful as not having any.  Furthermore, for the most part they need the same items.  I would suggest placing their luggage side by side, and placing the items on the list into both suitcases.  For example, they both need underwear, PJs, swimsuits, shorts, and tees/shirts.  Gather the items for both, and check them off the list.   I also suggest that you start placing a few items at a time into the luggage.  This keeps you from becoming overwhelmed because you’re trying to pack everyone’s bag the night before.

travel checklists I use the travel checklists above.  I figure out the activities or possible activities that I may participate in and make notes.   For example, I purchased a flowing skirt with an off the shoulder blouse to wear on trip to Mexico.  It’s perfect for dinner or a theme party.  I do this for other events as well.  If I’m traveling for business, a family reunion, wedding or whatever.  When I’m packing, I make sure that I pack what I want to wear along with accessories, shoes etc.  I hate having to purchase items that I’ve forgotten when I’m traveling.

I hope these travel checklists will be beneficial to you.  Feel free to download them here.



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