6 Character Traits To Teach Your Children

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First, children aren’t born with good character and it isn’t hereditary.  Parents should teach character by being a good example.  Helping to develop your children’s character is essential.  A person’s character is the essence of you are, so children must learn that their character will surface in all areas of their life.

There are 6 areas of our character that parents should focus on. They are:

Be Trustworthy – Teaching children to be honest is a must. Being honest is an important character trait.  And it must be implemented in all areas of life.  Stealing, deceiving, cheating or being unreliable are big elements of becoming trustworthy.  Next, being trustworthy helps to build a good reputation, which is important in life.

Be Fair Teaching children that they must play by the rules is another important character trait.  Their are rules/laws for going to school, driving, and swimming on beaches and in pools. They must be followed are their will be consequences.  Additionally, children must also learn to not take advantage of a situation or another person.  It is not right to do so.

Be Respectful Teaching your children good manners is every parent’s responsibility.  Furthermore, children today are rude and disrespectful. Saying thank you, please, or excuse me seems to a thing of the past?  Why do they interrupt their elders or not hold the doors for people entering or exiting a store or building?  Manners are a part of daily life, however, it seems that they are no longer important.    

Be Responsible – Teach your children the importance of honoring their word.  If they say they’re going to do something they must live up to it.  Teach children to think before they act.  Also, self-control is imperative to good character and they must strive to be an example to others.

Be Caring – Displaying kindness toward other is a big part of developing character. Children should help others  and be forgiving when others upset or hurt them. Because the world is unfair at times, we must forgive and move forward.

Be a Good Citizen – Most importantly, children should learn that obeying the law is essential.  Furthermore, teach children to get involved in their community and neighborhood.  You may like the post Why You Should Teach Your Children To Volunteer.

Finally, helping to develop your child’s character must start at an early age.   Many traits make up a person’s character.  Children should be raised to be good people.  However, they are not expected to be perfect.  Strive to lead by example and help your children to make good decisions.  Loving unconditionally should be something parents do every day.  Telling them that you love them unconditionally is just as important. In conclusion, they will remember the conversations and examples they were shown during their character development.


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  1. Pinned for sharing and further reflection! I think most of us vaguely keep these traits in mind as we parent/grandparent from day to day, but having them spelled out like this makes it easier to check one’s progress along the way. Thanks for a great list – what a gift to give a child – a good reputation!

    • Rhonda Gales says:

      Hi Joyce. Thanks for sharing my post. It’s surprising the number of parents who don’t focus on their child’s character/reputation, which is why I’m doing a series on teaching children about character. It’s important that as parents/grandparents we start early.  Thanks for stopping by.

  2. Wonderful traits. I get so upset when I see (or experience) rudeness from children. I even call my own grandchildren out if I see something they did that is rude or disrespectful.

    • Rhonda Gales says:

      Thanks Pam. I set my grandchildren straight when they are rude and disrespectful too. Children have to learn, and it’s our responsibility to teach them before they enter the world. Thanks for stopping by, hope to see you again.

  3. Those are great character traits for all of us! I agree with you that manners seem to have become unimportant. I’m not sure children are being disrespectful when they don’t use pleas and thank you — I think they just haven’t been taught to do it.

    • Rhonda Gales says:

      Hey Kc. Because they haven’t been taught doesn’t make it okay to be rude. I think that it is still disrespectful for a child to not use manners, and a reason why I wrote the post. As parents, it is our responsibility to teach them.