6 Ways to Create a Garden Winter Wonderland

Winter Wonderland ideas


Christmas is fast approaching, and soon enough there’ll be frost on the sidewalks and carols playing to sound Christmas cheer. If you’ve been nicer than naughty this year, I’m sure you have, there’ll be sleigh bells ringing and the pitter patter of reindeer on the roof one special night.  Christmas isn’t just a magical time for the kids, but a magical time for the whole family.  What better way to make it special than turning your garden into a Winter Wonderland! Check out ideas on how you can create the perfect winter wonderland in your yard:

1. Winter plants

First, a garden in full bloom isn’t only for the Springtime.  In winter there are many beautiful flowering plants for your garden.  So, you are guaranteed more foliage than just a Christmas tree!  Both Heather and Japanese Quince bloom in winter.  Their pink and red blossoms say Christmas.  If you’re looking for a plant which flowers in spring but is still decorative at Christmas, check out the bare stems of a Red-Osier Dogwood. They turn a fiery red.  Quite like the suit of a certain Mr. Claus!

2.  Make it Snow

Second, not everyone is lucky enough to live in a place where it snows, and it naturally turns into a Winter Wonderland! But that shouldn’t stop you from having that perfect Christmas card snow scene.  There are plenty of options for snow without the sky opening. You can buy or make artificial snow at home.  Even a snow blanket that you simply roll across your lawn will do the trick.  Your kids will be thankful to have a little slice of a winter wonderland in their own backyard.  It will be a festive season they’ll never forget!

3.  Lights

Additionally, with cold nights rolling in and the days getting shorter, it’s good to add some shine to your Christmas garden.  We decorate our trees with lights and sometimes our houses, but lights in a garden can add Christmas magic.  A good way to do it without breaking the bank is just to add lights on the trees and shrubbery.  If the understated look isn’t your thing, go for a Santa, reindeer and little elves that light up.  They’ll make the kids eager for the magic of Christmas morning.

4.  Magic Touches

It’s nice to decorate the Christmas tree in front of a roaring fire, while you and the kids choose your favorite ornaments to hang on the tree while you’re listening ten to your favorite Christmas songs.  Spending time with family is truly the best part of the Christmas season.  It’s a great way to make memories you and your family will treasure for a lifetime.

Decorating your garden is another way to share the magic of the season with your loved ones. Kids will love to hang tinsel upon the plants outside. Helping to transform the garden into something like  Santa’s Grotto will be something your kids will never forget!  It’s nice to put Candy Canes along the footpath if you have one, or around the border of your lawn, as they are an easy and affordable way to make the garden all Christmassy.  A Santa Please Stop Here!  sign will remind your children of the joy of Christmas morning, and cut- outs of reindeer keep the magic of Santa alive.

5.  Get Out and In it!

Next, winter plants are blooming in fantastic reds, the Christmas tree is up and sparkling in your garden and fake snow has made everything Christmas Card perfect.  And, those special little touches truly add the famous seasonal magic.  Looking at your garden through the window is nice, but it’s much better to get out and in it.  Bundle up and go outside and enjoy your winter wonderland.  Tell your children Christmas stories and sing Christmas songs.  You’ve created the  perfect setting, making it truly the a real live Winter Wonderland!

6. Make it Cozy It

It certainly gets cold outside this time of year. The best way to enjoy your Winter Wonderland is to use a patio heater like those from Best of Machinery.  That way you’ll be cozy in the magical winter wonderland your family created.   Finally, when the little ones go to bed, you and your husband can enjoy a glass of eggnog or two in the perfect seasonal setting!