12 Side Dish Ideas for Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving side dish ideas

Nantucket Corn Pudding

First, I love corn pudding.  It’s always a favorite on the Thanksgiving and Christmas dinner table.  Also, the ingredients are simple, and the end result is a delicious treat that is even better the next day.

Sweet Potato Casserole


Garlic Mashed Potatoes

I use Yukon Gold for my mashed potatoes, however I do love red potatoes.  This recipe leaves the skin on the potatoes and calls for roasted garlic.  I also like the fact that you can put them in the crock pot and let me cook while you’re preparing other dishes.  This looks like a creamy and yummy dish that is sure to be a hit.


Scalloped Potato Roast

Thanksgiving Side Dish Ideas


Beautiful dishes always awaken the taste buds.  This scalloped potato roast should be a side dish on your table.  Rosemary and garlic are the stars!


Parmesan Corn on the Cob

Thanksgiving Side Dish Ideas

Who doesn’t love corn on the cob.  Especially, when it’s enhanced with parmesan cheese and herbs.  Place the ears of corn in the oven and make them a Thanksgiving side dish.


Southern Macaroni and Cheese

Thanksgiving Side Dish Ideas

I love the southern style version of mac and cheese versus the creamy.  I guess it’s a personal preference, however,  I will eat both.  This recipe calls for Gouda cheese, but you can use your favorite whatever that may be.


Garlic Roasted Potatoes

Thanksgiving Side Dish Ideas

Nice idea if you’re looking for a replacement or an addition to mashed potatoes on the dinner table.


Almond and Cranberry Slaw

Thanksgiving Side Dish Ideas
This is a nice twist on your usual slaw.  It’s perfect for your vegan guests too.  Almonds and dried cranberries are the stars in this dish.


Southern Style Green Beans

Thanksgiving side dish ideas
These green beans are cooked just like my grandma’s.  The beans are brought fresh and snapped just before they are placed in the pot. They are than slowly cooked for hours so the bacon and seasonings can mix.  Always a hit at the dinner table.


                                                                                            Deviled Eggs

Thanksgiving side dish ideas


Deviled eggs are always a hit in my house.  I love the sprinkled chives and the dash of paprika on this dish.


Garlic Parmesan Roasted Brussel Sprouts 

Thanksgiving Side Dish Ideas
There’s not many Brussel Sprout lovers in my family, but there are a few.  Bread crumbs and parmesan cheese take these “little cabbages” as my daughter used to call them when she was little to a new level.  What’s even better, they’re ready in 30 minutes.

Cauliflower Gratin 

Thanksgiving Side Dish Ideas

Last, I love cauliflower, raw or cooked.  It’s one of my favorite veggies to use with dip and one of my favorite veggies with cheese.  Furthermore, it’s a nice change from the regular peas, carrots, and green beans too.

Finally, we hope you found a recipe or two Thanksgiving side dish ideas that you would like to try.  You may also like 18 Tips and Tricks for a Kid’s Thanksgiving Table.

18 Tips and Treats for a Kid’s Thanksgiving Table


tips and treats for a kid's Thanksgiving table tips and treats for kids thanksgiving table


Are you thinking about the stress of hosting Thanksgiving Dinner this year?  Do you need crafts and treats for the kid’s table?  We have gathered a few ideas from around the web that will make you the best host.  Hosting Thanksgiving Dinner can be stressful.  Keeping the children occupied while dinner is being prepared is so important.  Kids aren’t interested in adult conversation or helping you fix dinner.  At least not for very long, they want to have fun.  So, the solution is to serve fun crafts and treats.

Next, choose a few ideas from our list of creative crafts and tasty treats. They are perfect for a Kid’s Thanksgiving Table:


dessert ideas for kid's Thanksgiving table

Chocolate Chip Turkeys –  They look almost too good to eat, but I guarantee the kids will devour them.


kid's Thanksgiving table ideas


Milk in Mini Milk Glasses – Simple, but a pretty addition to a kid’s table.


Thanksgiving treats for a kid's table


Pilgrim Hats – Chocolate and more chocolate.  I want these at the adult table too.  They’re perfect for thanking guests as they are leaving.


kid's Thanksgiving Table Ideas


Turkey Hand Prints Table Cloth – We were unable to find the link to the original post.  However, we think you can get a good idea of how it was created from the picture.  So, get creative and create your own version.


craft ideas for a kid's Thanksgiving table


Paper Fan Turkeys –  This is an easy project for the kids to make while you’re busy preparing dinner. As a result, have another adult or teen assist them.


craft ideas for a kid's Thanksgiving table

Handprints Pumpkin – I love this idea, and I especially love white pumpkins.  This is a perfect craft to capture memories of those little hands while waiting for dinner.


activities for a kids Thanksgiving table


Pilgrim Hat Crayon Holder – Children love to color.  Makes these adorable pilgrim hat crayon holders to house their favorite crayons.  Print lots of pages for them to color while dinner is being prepared.


cookie ideas for a kid's Thanksgiving table


Turkey Cookies – I was unable to find the original post for these adorable cookies.  They are so cute, I thought my serious bakers would be able to duplicate them from the picture.




Handprint Turkey Cookies – These personalized handprint cookies would be a perfect addition to a kid’s table.


crafts for Kid's Thanksgiving table


Personalized Turkey Leg Treats – These are great as place cards and as take home treats.


treat ideas for kid's Thanksgiving table


Corn on the Cob Caramel Popcorn Treat – Turn caramel popcorn into a corn on the cob treat.  It’s delicious and cute.


Thanksgiving place card ideas


Pilgrim Hat Name Place Card – These place are adorable and would be perfect at the adult and kid’s tables.


food for kid's Thanksgiving table


Fall Teepee Cones – Bring a little diversity to the table with these teepees.  In addition, it’s a nice diversion from the pumpkins, turkeys and pilgrim hats. And they look delicious.   


kids Thanksgiving place mat


Kraft Paper Kid’s Placemat – Children like to see their name on crafts.  A placemat is no exception.  This one is inexpensive and adorable.  However, you can replace the leaves with turkeys or pilgrim hats.  Be creative.

kids Thanksgiving Table ideas


Kids Thanksgiving Tablescape  – Create this adorable kid’s Thanksgiving table along with the Pilgrim Hat Crayon Holder and other paper items from the Dollar Store.

food ideas for kid's Thanksgiving table


Rice Krispy Stuffed Turkey – Stuff this Rice Krispy turkey with Reese’s Pieces.  Furthermore, give the kids a drumstick, wing or a scoop of Reese’s for dessert.  They will love it.


ideas for kid's Thanksgiving table


Turkey Pancakes –  These pancakes are so cute, and the fruit makes them a healthy meal.  Furthermore, they are perfect for a Thanksgiving morning breakfast while watching the 90th Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade.


kid's Thanksgiving table ideas


Turkey Kisses  – Show your guests love with these Turkey kisses.

treats for kids Thanksgiving table


Chocolate Pretzel Rods in a Turkey Holder – Another delicious treat that children will love.  Chocolate and lots of fall colored sprinkles cover these yummy pretzel rods.  Additionally, a glass container is turned into a delightful turkey holder.  I’m sure the Dollar Tree has similar containers.

Did you see any ideas that you want to adopt for a kid’s Thanksgiving table?  Which is your favorite?  I love the handprint turkey table cloth and the Pilgrim Hat Crayon Holder.  Finally, you may also like Thanksgiving scrapbook layouts.




Show Me Your Turkey Linkup


Thanksgiving, holidays turkey

Show Me Your Turkey!  Mother 2 Mother will be hosting a Show Me Your Turkey linky party starting November 26 and ending December 5 at midnight.  The linky will be dedicated to Thanksgiving turkeys, tables, and stories of you, your family and friends. We spend all day cooking, basting, baking, and enjoying time with family so lets share our hard day’s work and family love.  Be sure to mark your calendar and join the fun. 

I’ve planned my menu and I’m picturing the house filled with family, delicious aromas, the Macy’s Day parade, football and a huge turkey as the center piece on the table surrounded by all the trimmings. 

The posts doesn’t have to been elaborate, just a picture of your turkey or table and a few words letting us know how your day went, what you served, and any funny or disastrous moments. What will you be serving?

Get your camera and posts ready.  It’s a great way to relieve some stress and you could be the featured blogger of our Turkey Baster, Table Queen, and I Survived Thanksgiving awards. Here’s a few details on the awards: 

  • Turkey Baster: Best Looking Turkey
  • Table Queen: Best Table Setting
  • I Survived Thanksgiving: Best story (Precious or Disastrous) 

Hope to see you there.

11 Tips to Reduce Holiday Stress


holiday stress, Thanksgiving

Gobble Gobble!  The holidays are around the corner and holiday stress levels will start to rise. Thank goodness we no longer head out to the woods to catch our turkeys, pound corn or cook on open fires.  We already have enough things to stress over like what will be on the menu, who’s coming to dinner, what size turkey to buy, who should sit where and the list goes on. 

The holidays can  be a joyous time, but they can be overwhelming at times too.  To avoid unnecessary stress, I use the following tips to reduce holiday stress in my home: [Read more…]