A Preemie’s Journey – Happy 3rd Birthday

It’s hard to believe that my little preemie will be turning 3 on August 28.  Almost 3 years ago, I watched Zarriah fight for her life for 3 months.  She entered this world weighing 2 pounds 10 ounces.  Those 3 months were the most stressful time of my life.  When I wasn’t on my knees praying, I was crying.  Through the stream of tears, I was fighting to keep my daughter from going into a depression.  When I wasn’t caring for my daughter, I was trying to help take care of my grandson and son-in-law.  I am so blessed, Zarriah is thriving now and I must admit bad as ever and smart as a whip. She’s a sassy diva with a mind of her own!  She fought for her life, and she’s still fighting. This little girl will be able to take of herself.  There will be no intimidation in her life. When they say night and day, that’s my grandson and granddaughter.  She is as spirited as they come.    

While we were on vacation, my son-in-law won a Bubble Guppy for Miss Muffin.  She loved it, but she loved the balloons just as much.  In the 3 years that Zarriah has been on this earth, I’ve never heard her ask for anything besides food.  I’m serious she has never asked for toys.  She loves clothes and food.  She has plenty of toys and dolls, but this little girl dreams about food.  She wakes up in the morning asking for a cookie, peanut butter or whatever is on her mind and that’s the way it is for the remainder of the day.  I sure hope she stays active.  She protests if we pick out something she doesn’t want to wear. She’s very independent and likes to pick out her own clothes.  We have had to deal with numerous tantrums because she didn’t want to wear what we picked out.  So, we allow her to select her outfits when she wants now.  She may end up in sweat pants and cowgirl boots, but she’s happy with her choices, lol.  

This is Miss Muffin at the beach several weeks ago. She had no desire to build a sandcastle or get her feet wet in the ocean.  Finding shells with Mawmaw was out of the question.  That would require her to walk on the sand and she’s not having it.  As you can see, she’s perfectly content eating chips, and when she had her fill she demanded to be taken inside where she consumed a Popsicle.  She has quite an appetite, so it’s imperative that we give her healthy foods.  This endeavor hasn’t proven to be a problem so far, she loves pears, apples, grapes, popcorn and other healthy foods.  Her brother on the hand, not so much.  He’s my picky eater. 

We’re planning her party this week, which will have a Minnie Mouse theme.  She loves, loves, loves Minnie Mouse. After all, Minnie is a diva too.  Finding the perfect birthday gift for her will be a piece of cake, no pun intended, lol.   Clothes with Minnie Mouse!  Now off to find them.  Happy 3rd Birthday Zarriah.  Mawmaw loves you!