3 Tips To Packing A House With Kids

packing a house wth kidsHaving kids running around under your feet is trying at times.   But when you are trying to pack up your house for a move, stress can becomes a big problem!  First, set a date for the move.  This will give you a clear and concise idea of how much time you have to plan.  So, go ahead and plan for your move.  Additionally, this gives you time to plan for child care.  Consider baby sitters and/or relatives to assist with the children while you pack.  This includes packing one house and unpacking the next one.  There is nothing that’s easy about packing a house.  Furthermore, when you chuck a few children into the mix the whole move can feel daunting.

Furthermore, not only do you have to think about packing everything correctly, you have to worry about whether you packed your toddler’s toys.  There are some tricks out that all parents should live by when packing your home for a move and you have children.  For example:

Time:  Give yourself plenty of time to plan, prepare, and pack.  You will need to prepare your children for the move.  Explain that you will be packing the house for the move.  Also tell them that moving van and  movers will be in the house assisting with the move.  Explain that they will be moving the furniture as well as packed boxes to the new house.  Give them time to come around to the move and new home.

Protection: Packing a house comes with dangerous materials.  Get the packing material out of reach of the children.  Because you will be so busy packing you may not notice the baby eating the bubble wrap – not a good start!  Also, sharp objects should always be kept out of the way.  Of course, towers of packed boxes can become a crushing hazard. Keep kids away and occupied.


Independence:  Allow independent kids to pack their own ‘first night’ box.  Furthermore, they can assist their younger brother and/or sister.  It is a great way to both keep them busy and make them feel like they have some input.  Set out some of the essentials for them such as their favourite toys, pyjamas and books for their individual boxes.  Show them that they can have some control over a situation that truly, they have no say in.

Last, there are many other tried and tested moving secrets from parents that can make a house move feel so much smoother.  The big day is approaching and being able to face things head eliminates stress.  It doesn’t have to be a hugely stressful experience if you don’t allow it.  Be mindful of your time, and your house packing will go off without a hitch.