Water Infused Drinks You and Your Kids Will Love

water infused drinks


Staying hydrated is super-important for adults and our kids.  Ensuring the family enjoys a healthy diet and exercise regularly can be a struggle.  Many drinks that are on the market are bad news for our health.   We feel guilty about giving them to our children.  However, when you’re on the move it can be easier to grab a soda or a sugary juice drink.  We think creating healthy drinks takes time and energy. 

However, putting together a tasty, nutritious and water infused drink can be quick and cheap.  Furthermore, having a pitcher already made in the fridge will save time.  Most importantly, it will always be on hand in a thirst emergency.  There are so many exciting water infused drinks you can create with fruit and spices.   As a result, every recipe you create will have its own hidden benefits.  Check out the water infused drinks in the infographic.  The next time you head to the grocery store, throw one or two extra items in your shopping basket.  Planning is key. 

How To Pimp Up a Glass Of Water

For example, adding a handful of fresh mint, a slice of lemon and a chamomile teabag into to a pitcher of cold water.  You will have a refreshing drink by afternoon.  By the evening it will be a calming treat to help prepare you for bed.   Next, watermelon and rosemary will help you rehydrate.  Also, this drink is great after a tough morning or afternoon workout.

Next, whatever the requirement or time of day there’s a recipe for you.  Get creative and try a few recipes.  Before you know it, you will be creating drinks that your kids will love.   Have a look at the recipes in this new infographic.  You’ll get an idea of what your family enjoys and what you enjoy., and you’ll be on your way to flavorsome rehydration today.  You may also like Water Infused Pitcher to help create healthy drinks that your kids will love.

[Infographic] from Budget Direct