7 Christmas Items You Can Recycle


Christmas Items You Can Recycle

The holidays are upon us.  So, there’s food, music, carols, lights, Santa and reindeer.  We spend hours trimming the tree, wrapping gifts, and preparing to entertain family and friends.  Also, we spend days reading Christmas cards from family and friends and finding the perfect spot to display them.  Finally, Christmas day arrives!  We find a mountain of ripped gift wrap and bows in the middle of the floor.  The kitchen is filled with empty wine bottles and corks from the gathering, and you realize that you purchased too many candy canes for the kids.

Don’t throw any of it away.  Check out our tips on Christmas Items You Can Recycle.  There’s tons of ideas to recycle all of it:

Christmas Cards – First, Christmas cards have beautiful scenery on them.  You can recycle and use them as gift tags, frame them for a vignette, or donate them to your local school.

Candy Canes –   Next, candy canes can be used as stirrers for hot chocolate.  Kids love them.  Also, they can be pulverized and used in sugar scrubs or cookies and brownie recipes.

Wrapping Paper –  So, piles of wrapping paper are sitting in your living room. A 33 gallon garbage bag should be big enough to hold it.  But, don’t throw it away.  Wrapping paper can used for crafts, book covers, scrapbooking, shreds, puzzles for kids and more.  Save the best pieces and get creative.

Wine Bottles and Corks – Paint the wine bottles and use them as vases or for seasonal messages on mantel.  Joy or Peace can painted on them for Christmas or BOO for Halloween.  The wine bottles are perfect for ring toss games.  Additionally, turn corks into wreaths, ornaments or other crafts.

Christmas Gift Bows and Ribbon – Turn Christmas bows into wreaths or use them on next year’s gifts.  Save only those that are in good condition.

Cardboard Shipping Boxes –  Cardboard boxes make great craft material.

Gift Wrap Tubes – Last, these make tubes are sturdy and make great bases for kid’s crafts.

Finally, I hope that you will find Christmas items you can recycle.  So, if you’re a crafter put your creativity hat on and get to work next season.  You have plenty of time to find projects, and be sure to involve the kids!  You may also like: 7 Christmas Morning Tips You Need.