A Moral or Immoral Message?

When I read articles on the current teen trends I’m thankful that I have successfully raised my daughter and I don’t have to deal with these issues personally. If your daughter wanted you to purchase this T-shirt for her, what would be your reaction? What kind of message is this sending? Should we encourage our teenage daughters to involve themselves in another person’s relationship? The message clearly states “Stealing your boyfriend”, which tells me that the teen knows that the young man is involved with someone else. How could this be rewarding? There’s an old saying, if he did it to her why wouldn’t he do it to you? Meaing, if a man/young man would leave his wife or girlfriend for you what will stop him from leaving you for another? Most importanly, what happens to her reputation? Is this truly how a young lady would want to be remembered?

During our mother/daughter talks, I had this conversation with my daugher, hoping that she would remember these words during her teenage years and as an adult. Not once did I think I would see this act advertised! What pleasure can one possibly have if what they have accomplished hurts another in achieving it? During our conversation, I asked my daughter how she would feel if someone would interfer in her relationship with her boyfriend? She dated the same young man throughout high school and her first year of college, so I knew those questions would have a profound impact on her.

Could the person who designed this T-shirt really believe that stealing another person’s boyfriend is priceless? I believe in freedom of speech and I’m not judging anyone’s lifestyle, but I do believe that we should really think about the messages that we send our teens and the clothing that we promote for them. You can believe that there will teenage girls who will wear this shirt proudly, and act on it. We wonder why the world is in the state that it is in!



  1. It really disgusts me some of the things kids are wearing on their shirts these days. Not only does this one encourage betrayal but it also glamorizes being sexy by talking about the bras which objectifies girls. It’s just obscene. It is so hard to find decent, not to mention modest clothes these days for preteens/teens! It drives me nuts!