Looks Who’s Seven

Time flies.  It is hard to believe that it’s been 7 years since my first grandchild was born, Xavier.  I remember it like yesterday,  The first picture is Xavier coming out of the delivery room, the second is my first time holding him, and the third the first time he sleep in his new nursery.  Oh what a glorious day for me!  Especially since I never believed that my daughter would have children.  She never liked being around kids, never baby sat and until she met her husband never thought of having kids.  She was an educated young lady armed with a degree and a zest for travel and life.  

My experience with Xavier’s birth was quite different from Zarriah. I was able to experience every grandparent’s dream, waiting at the hospital for his arrival, seeing him rolled out of the delivery room, and being able to hold him for the first time.  I didn’t have that experience with Zarriah.  She was a preemie and almost 4 months before I held her for the first time.  We were also enduring Hurricane Irene when she arrived, so it was days before I could make it to the hospital to see her.  So I treasure these memories with Xavier.

It’s hard to believe that by big boy is 7.  I’m so grateful that he still loves snuggling with me, spending time playing games with me, tells me about his problems with mommy and daddy, and enjoys my special pancakes, waffles, and brownies. I know it won’t be long before his interest changes to sports, girls, cars and hanging out with his friends. 

I gave him a Kindle HD for his birthday gift and he was thrilled, but I think he loved the cake more.  I had a picture of him from one of his football games scanned onto the cake.  I’ve always wanted to eat him up, and I finally got the opportunity. Happy 7th Birthday Xavier, Mawmaw loves you.  



  1. Happy belated birthday to your grandson.  He's a handsome young man.  He's lucky to have you as his grandmother.

  2. What beautiful memories! I still remember every moment of the night Amara was born – there were 10 of us waiting in the waiting room! Like you I also worry that pretty soon now it is no longer going to be cool to hang out with Grandma — so I am grabbing every moment I can while it still is!

  3. Rhonda enjoy and keep building those memories :)!

  4. Oh goodness! How handsome! Happy Birthday, Xavier!