Jessica Alba Baby Line

Are these disposable diapers adorable or what?  Mother 2 Mother is constantly searching for unique items to bring to our readers.  We discovered the Jesscia Alba baby line.  These adorable diapers are available for purchase from her company Honest.  They are printed with lead-free inks, and made mostly from plant-based and sustainable materials.   The price point isn’t bad, cost is based on size as in all disposal diapers.  For example, you get 40 Newborn for $13.95 plus $5.95 shipping cost.  I love the different designs that you can choose from.  Look at the sweets diaper, it has ice cream cones, lolipops, and candy.  Imagine a baby with that little sweet booty.  

Jessica offers a full line of organic, eco-friendly baby products.  She has 70 wipes for $4.95 a pack, which I thought was a good deal if your ordering other products.  Training pants, swimmies and she offers bath and body products as well as household products.

Jessica started her line when she was unable to find eco-friendly products for her own children, Honor and Haven.  The only draw back that I see is, customers must sign up on and choose a subscription package.  Your products are delivered monthly.  I’ve never been big on this type of service.  I may decide that I want to purchase something different during a particular month; however, I would not be able to do that if I’m commited to Honest. 

If this type of service and product appeals to you, check out 



  1. True blog post! I read Honest Diaper reviews and I notice that really it is best product for my baby because his skin is very sensitive and according to his skin only honest company diapers are suitable for him as these diapers are soft.

  2. Yes, these little diapers are adorable! I can definitely see my granddaughter in these especially next summer when she'll be crawling with her little booty showing! LOL… These diapers would make that show even sweeter.

    I'm with you about the subscription package. Sometimes when things get tight or, like you said, you want to do something different you've committed to that and you're stuck. The idea of eco-friendly especially lead free. So does that mean other diapers have lead? Hmmm….