Have A Heart – Give The Goods To Charity

The economy is brutal. Jobs are scarce and many families are enduring hard times. Mothers are struggling to cloth and feed their children. Some retail giants are still making millions or billions annually in spite of the economy, but do you think they’re sharing the wealth? I’m not talking about these giants writing checks to us common folks or paying our bills, but simply assisting in other ways. For example, helping a school or church by donating coats, gloves or shoes and hats during the winter. Rather than donate unsold items to charity or families that

are struggling, retail giants like Wal Mart and H & M trash their unsold merchandise. Yes, you read the sentence correctly they literally trash their merchandise. They put holes in the items, cut off the sleeves etc., place them in large trash bags and into the dumpster they go. They don’t want the items to be used. When I read this shocking story, I was in disbelief. I thought retail giants placed their items on Clearance and just marked them down until they sold.

That shows how little I know. A graduate student by the name of Cynthia Magnus found trashed merchandise outside the back entrance of H&M in New York City. She also found Wal-Mart items a few doors down that had been dumped. She exposed both companies for being so heartless when so many people are suffering. They have both agreed to stop trashing their goods and donate it to charity. Bravo, but it’s so sad that it took someone with a heart to slap these corporate giant’s hands and take their scissors before they agreed to allow those in need to benefit from what they perceived to be trash.

I often wonder how people in decision making positions in large corporations get their jobs. I take clothing to the local Goodwill several times of a year. Someone can use it, and the majority of the time they getting quality items that have been well taken care of. Why wouldn’t people who work for million and billion dollar companies think to do the same?

I guess when you make million dollar salaries, you don’t think much about the struggling families across town or around the corner. I guess when you see CNN or your local TV station discussing the economy, it just goes in one ear and out the other. Especially when you’re safe and warm in your mansion with a hefty bank account others aren’t important.

I’m glad to hear that Wal Mart and H & M will now donate their unsold goods to charity. I believe they need to change their hiring process as well. They should require all of their employees to have a heart and to possess compassion for their fellow human beings.



  1. BEsides the corporates out there…we actually have neighbors who just throw things out in the trash too! AND we have a church drop box in our town besides the fact that Easter Seals will come RIGHT to your house and take bags of clothing, etc if only you set up a time with them. You dont even have to be home…just mark the bags or boxes to say EASTER SEALS and they will take it. I am so appalled that people are so LAZY in our town (a sort of yuppy-ish communitys by a larger town) that they cant even take the time to drive a few blocks away to drop something off instead of it ending up in our landfills and going unused by someone.  So many people have gotten spoiled and too materialistic…many have no idea what it is like to go without. It is a shame. So many of our country need a reality check!!!

    I am pretty stunned that STORES do this…as they would at the very least get some sort of TAX break for donating. THAT is just plain ridiculous and BAD business. I have heard about how FOOD gets wasted, and that due to not wanting to be held responsible if someone got sick from "outdated" food like DAY old donuts,bread, etc.
    There are so many people hungry, jobless, homeless in OUR country. It makes me just so sad…

  2. I agree a 100%, it is scandaless how our society, is allowing huge consumer outlets to trash or write things off when there are so many people out there that need assistance.  If only everyone had the same amount of money…..wouldn't it be a wonderful life.  It was on Oprah yesterday that the chains of & elevens through their daily bagels and donuts in the garbage.  If on;y everyone were equal!!  Great post.


  3. I am not shocked at all, and if they had not been exposed, they'd still be doing this, despite the condition of our economy, the needs in other countries and so on.  I just got through donating 18 bags of clothes 3 bags of shoes and 2 bags of toys to an organization at my church that provides for the needy in our community, and I can only hope that others will get on board because their is a need.

  4. WOW! I can't believe they just throw that stuff away! That is so terrible.

  5. WOW! Very sad, really..

  6. Wow! I had no idea! The big companies trashing their leftover goods is unfortunately a clear representation of our country's morals and what is important. It's sad but it's what our country lives by. I'm glad they will start donating the items, but who knows if they really will!

  7. Really for Walmart that doesn't surprise me. I hope they really are starting to donate their stuff and it's a shame they would do stuff like that =(

  8. That just makes me sick. I can't stand walmart to begin with, and this just infuriates me even more!

  9. It does seem such a waste to throw stuff out 🙁 I hope more and more stores will join in and donate rather than throw away.

  10. Just another reason for me NOT to shop at Walmart.  Disgusting!

  11. Wow!  You know someone thought about this along the lines somewhere – they only started giving when it became public knowledge of what they were doing.  So sad that it took the knowledge that the public didn't like it for them to change their ways. 

    Thanks for posting this – I hope we all take the time to have a "little heart."

  12. When I was produce manager at Wal-Mart we had it set up that ALL of our expired product (fruits, veggies etc) got donated to a wildlife rescue in the town we were at. This was our choice of course and something we set up – but it was neat to know we did something besides just trash it.