Coach Motives Kids In Cemetary – WTH?

Parents of a JV football team in a New York town are livid.  Why?  They lost a game, and the coach thought a good motivator would be to take the team to a cemetary on the way home.  Lesson to be learned?  I have no idea.  His explanation was that Denzel Washington used the cemetary to motivate his football team in the movie Remember the Titans and he tried to adopt the idea. 

Dah!  What happened to having a conversation with the children?  I really worry about our children and the education system in this country tonight.   Some educators don’t seem to think and some don’t seem to care.  The coach instructed the driver to pull over and demanded that the 24 players lay down between 2 rows of graves.  The lesson that he was trying to teach the children supposely was about the importance of playing hard.  How he connected a cemetary to that idea is beyond me.  Play hard or die? 

Can you image the horror those kids must have been feeling.  He told the parents, “My only thought was to bring them to a realization of what a great thing it is to be able to play football with your friends, and how great it would be to work hard and triumph the following Saturday.”

The coach was suspended 2 weeks.  He did offer his resignation; however, the school board refused to accept it.  Apparently he is a good teacher and is well liked.  The school board thought he just made a poor decision. 

I hope none of the children suffer any negative repercussions as a result of this ploy.   If your child had been involved would you have demanded his resignation? 



  1. Oh my. A cemetery. Are you kidding me?! Sounds to me like, "If you keep losing I'm gonna work you so hard, you'll wish you were buried here." Intimidation much? His intentions may have been pure, but seems downright WRONG to me..I'm so glad I don't have to worry about the public school system for many years still..

  2. @Miss Kitty – He are now entertaining the idea of homeschooling Xavier.  The education in this country has gone to he–.  So sad that we have placed our children in such a pathetic state.  My only concern with homeschooling is the social aspect or lackthereof.

  3. Yes, I would have demanded his resignation. That kind of behaviour is unacceptable. As a teacher, he has been entrusted with not only the educational, but also the emotional well-being of each and every child who was in his care that day. But then again, I home school, so maybe my opinion doesn't count lol