Career Women Make Bad Mothers

Career Women What’s your thoughts now that you’ve read this advertisement? I was offended since I am and have been a career women and mother for the pass 32 years. I take pride in my role as a mother, and I also take pride in my career. I’ve worked hard being the best that I can be at both. It’s pretty sad that in 2010 women have to endure this. 

A company called Outdoor Advertising Association (OAA) used this slogan in England as a part of their campaign to promote outdoor advertising. I’m baffled as to how this slogan received approval and thousands of dollars were set aside to plaster it on the side of buses, buildings and billboards. How could you not think that it would be offensive to working women. Well, it looks like OAA just sent thousands of dollars and their bullshit slogan down the toilet. They are being forced to pull the advertisement, and in my opinion rightfully so. The intent was to spark a debate, and encourage people to voice their opinion on a website. Instead they entered into a war with working mothers. 

Not all women have a choice in being a Stay At Home Mom.  Our economy has forced many women into the work force.  They feel bad enough, they don’t need to see buses and billboards that make them feel worst.  On the other hand, many women have made a conscious decision to enter the work force.  They enjoy having their own pay checks and contributing to the household.  Does this make them a bad mother?  I don’t think so. I choose to have a career.  I have a beautiful daughter who grew up understanding that women have choices today.  I taught her to always stay true to who she is and to do what is best for her.  Many women have made the mistake of losing themselves in their relationships or putting everything and everybody before them and in the end they don’t know who they are.

My daughter watched me progress in my career.  I traveled, continued my education and still managed to keep my house in check.  I also checked her homework, transported her back and forth to ballet lessons, and any other school activity she was involved in.  She received 3 meals a day and quality time with me.  As a matter of fact, we still have mother/daughter day.  She choose to end her career and stay at home with her son.  Did you notice the word “choose”.  He turned 2 recently, so she is now working outside the home part time and working on her Masters Degree. 
I resent anyone calling me a bad mother because I choose to have a career.  Do you see my middle finger OAA?  Yep, it’s for you.  If that’s not enough, I have a big ass that you can kiss.  How do you like me now.  My career afforded my daughter many opportunities that she would not have had otherwise.  My career put her through an out of state college.  It also provided trips to Italy, Germany, Austria and Switzerland.  She still talks about these trips to this day.  She made life time friends as a result of these experiences.  My career contributed to a better life for her as a whole. 
Are you a working mother?  If you are or aren’t, we would love to hear your opinion on this advertisement.  Thank you for the opportunity to vent. 

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  1. I'm baffled.  Cannot believe I haven't seen this before now.  I am a stay home mother, but I'm fortunate enough to have a choice.  Don't get me wrong, we struggle a bit financially because I've chosen to stay home and raise our two toddlers.  Choosing to be a one income family definitely has it's downfalls. But it's what we feel is best for US. I realize full well that what works for one mother does not always work the another.  The group that put up this ad was obviously going for shock value, and they got it.  Look?  We're all talking about it…. 


  2. I totally agree with you! My mom was able to balance owning multiple businesses, being a mom and a great wife to my father. I truly think that having her include us in her career is why I've been so successful in business myself. I'm currently 29 weeks pregnant and plan on continuing to be a Realtor for our company after my baby boy arrives. I was googling Blogs of "Career Mothers" and very glad that I stumbled across yours!

  3. So is the sign suggesting that a "good" mother would stay home and let her children go without, instead of getting a job? Women have to make sacrifises sometimes, but we do what we have to. I too am a working mom, and I say F**K them!!

  4. I think this ad is very offensive.  I am a working mother and feel as though I am working to provide my daughter with the things I did not have as a child.  To be able to afford higher education, arts and cultural classes, and much more.  I think its ridiculous and a very incorrect statement.  Working or not, a good mother is a good mother.

  5. I don't even know what to say I'm so offended.  Oh and I work outside the home.

  6. That's a bad advertisement, I can't believe a company would make that mistake. I'm not sure that in other countries women work as much as in the US, but it's crap everywhere. Women should be proud to support their families in any way, not just staying at home

  7. that's crap..enough said!  😉

  8. @Penelope – Freedom of speech is good as long as it's not offensive.  I think most working mothers would find that advertisment offensive.  The ad was pulled because working mothers pulled together and voiced their opinions too.  There's power in numbers, and we must use our strength to demonstrate that we won't tolerate this kind of thinking. 

    We're known to ban together and force offensive ads down the drain in this country too.

    I hope that working women will continue to voice their opinions, we must defend our roles as career women and mothers.  Good job ladies.

  9. I completely agree that the ad campaign is unfair. The biggest problem women who earn deal with from what we read is nagging guilt that society may be condemning them, and this actually fuels it.  The flip side though, that mothers at home are mindless, not working, not using their brains, not productive is also unfair and we do hear that a lot too especially in government circles.  I am amused as a woman that men ahve been able yet again to outwit us by 'dividing and conquering'. IF hey get us in-fighting they never have to actually address some of our issues The real resolution is to respect all of the choices – to work outside the home, to be home full-time and do unpaid care work or to the wide range of options between such as earning part-time, earning while home etc. The other dimension to this debate though is that government has its own preference. It wants women to earn and pay tax and it wants us to have to use daycare so those workers also earn and pay tax. The state puts no value on caregiving itself and that is the real problem We must pressure lawmakers to value care of children wherever it happens and this would mean that women who earn get subsidies for some of the costs of 3rd party childcare and women who use sitter, nanny, dad, mom, grandma care also get funding for their costs too. The costs may be direct as in paying someone or they may be indirect like giving up income to be home with the baby.  The state must not play favorites with kids or with women's lifestyles.

  10. I totally agree.  I think it's bogus that people still think you can't do two things at once, especially in these days of multitasking!  I'm a mother and a student.  I don't think I could be a stay at home mom.  I think to be a good parent, you have to have a life outside of your children.  It's called balance.  However, they did prove a point.  I'm currently a student and have taking tcom classes and one thing that has stuck with me in my advertising classes is that often times bad advertising often gets the biggest results, because people talk about them!  Kinda like celebrities, "No publicity is bad publicity"
    As I stated previously, I'm a student.  I'll be graduating in July and I started a website that I'm hoping I will be able to show possible employers as I begin applying for jobs.  Please check it out and leave a comment so it looks active! Thanks!!!

  11. They met their goal…it surely sparked debate! Whatever one's opinion, it is something that would get people talking (and not necessarily their opinion).

    Not sure why they were forced to pull the ads though…I guess freedom of speach is different there?

    I have a professional career, but I would not get offended by that sort of comment. Everyone is entitled to their opinion. I definately put being a mom first.