Another Catholic Sex Abuse Scandal

Another sex abuse scandal in the Catholic church. I find this appalling. It literally makes me sick to my stomach when I hear about these priests abusing our children. I want my readers to know that my anger has nothing to do with the Catholic religion itself, but it is directed to those in authority who abuse our children and those in authority who cover up the abuse. I know there are more who do good within our churches than those who do evil, but child sex abuse should never be ignored at any level. I also know that their have been innocent people accused of such heinous acts, but I believe that it has been proved that the majority of the time the victims do not lie about such acts.

I believe that allegations must be brought to light and dealt with in the appropriate manner. It’s a crime, and it should be dealt with as such. If true, I think it’s a shame that the Pope and everyone involved in the Catholic church sex abuse scandal could turn their back on our youth and ignore the fact that innocent children were and are being taken advantage of by pedophiles in leadership positions. This is been a topic of discussion for years, and here we are again.

If I ever found out that my grandson was molested/raped by anyone, I would fight until my death for justice. To find that it was someone within the church would only add fuel to my fire. There wouldn’t be enough of Holy Water to put out the fire that raged within me.

Can someone explain to me how anyone could stop the prosecution of a priest or anyone else who has admitted molesting at least 200 children over a 20 year period? How do you condone this type of violation? The explanation the church gave, They did not complete the process to defrock Father Murphy because he was elderly and in very poor health, and living in seclusion and no allegations of abuse had been reported in over 20 years.” How can this explanation be acceptable to anyone? The rapist/molester tells the man who is now the Pope, that he wants to live out the rest of his life in dignity. What about the dignity of the children who was molested.

I wonder how people who abuse and people who cover up the abuse go to sleep at night knowing that a parent placed their child under the trust and care of the church and they are being violated. I also wonder how anyone can cover for a man because he is now old and he hasn’t raped any other children over the last 20 years can sleep at night.

I listened to two of the victims who are now adults, and they stated that they both wrote notarized letters to the Catholic church detailing their abuse. Neither have been acknowledged. In God we trust. If you can’t trust your child in the church, where can you send them? I shudder to think about the amount of money that has been paid out to victims of sexual abuse in the Catholic church, but whatever the amount is it will never right the wrong. These children will suffer in some manner for the rest of their life. In spite of this, the bishops and cardinals are allowed to remain within the church and carry their titles forever. Now the lowly priests are removed, but most are just transferred to another church. What sense does this make, a child molester and rapist is what it is regardless of title.

I watched Doubt last week with Meryl Streep. She played that role, and the basis of the movie is what we’re discussing in this post. It happens over and over. I just can’t comprehend this sick act.

The violation of innocent children is unforgivable. I wonder how the parents in the Catholic church can stand for this. What’s up people? Those who violate innocent children should be brought to trial and thrown under the jail. Why should there be a cover up for priests, bishops and cardinals who violate innocent children. If I was a pedophile, I would have spent time in jail. They should have to do the same.

I would love to hear your opinion on this travesty of justice.



  1. I agree with you Rhonda! It is unfair to allow exceptions to justice based on someone's professional ranking. In this case, it certainly sends the message loud and clear that to be of high rank means ones is above the law, and above having to act decently. This is coming from our spiritual leaders?? It makes a mockery of everything they have stood for. To jail with the old coot. Too bad. He should have thought about dignity a long time ago.

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