18 Colorful Fall Nature Hunt Ideas


Fall is around the corner, and it’s a perfect time to go on a nature hunt with the children.  Because leaves will be changing colors, pumpkin patches will come to life, and corn field mazes will appear, it’s the perfect time to go on a nature hunt.  Also, it’s a great way to get the children will be excited about the upcoming Halloween night.  You can talk about customs, parties and treats.  Lets not forget about football season, tailgating and delicious recipes for parties and family gatherings.

Additionally, it’s still warm enough for the children to go outside and play.  So, a fall nature hunt is a great way for you and them to get exercise and explore nature. Plan a day of hiking, walking the neighborhood or spending the day at your favorite park is the perfect place to play a nature hunt game.  It can be a great opportunity for the children to ask questions and learn about nature.

If you decide to visit the park pack a lunch filled with our fall snack items ideas.  You can enjoy each other’s company after the nature hunt.  Talk about a funny moment that you encountered during your walk.  You can also take pictures of the kids hunting for items or other scenic items that you find along the way.

While your walking and taking pictures look for the items on the Nature Hunt list. We’ve added different color leaves, pumpkins, a stick, acorn, pinecone and more.  They’re all  easy to find and common in all most areas across the country.  If you need materials for a fall craft project, this would a great time for you to gather items as you walk along too.  This can include fall leaves of various colors, acorns, pinecones and more.


Fall Nature Hunt Game


Finally, feel free to print on cardstock, and enjoy.  Download the Fall Nature Hunt Printable here.  Furthermore, you may also like:  Road Trip Scavenger Hunt Game