Zooni Child’s Hat Give Away

Take a look at these Mop Top Hats, we found them at Zooni. They are adorable, and the rage from infants to preschoolers. When I saw them, I thought of my readers. I had to let you know about these unique hats. As you know, I’m always on the look out for unique gifts and practical baby products. These hats had me giggling for quite awhile when I was browsing the boutique. I immediately added Zooni to My Favorites. I’m sure you will admire them as much as I do.

We’re featuring Leo the Lion, but Zooni has a large selection of Mop Tops to choose from. They have Chunkee Monkey, Puppy Love, and Panda Monium in their collection to name a few. These hats are not only adorable, they’re made of a natural cotton and polyester blend, so you simply hand wash them in cold water, and lay them flat to dry. How easy is that. Anything that makes doing laundry easier for me goes at the top of my list.

You have to check out the mittens at Zooni too. They have sets to match the Leo the Lion, Puppy Love and Chunkee Monkey Mop Tops. They are as chic as the hats. Can you imagine the compliments your little one will receive wearing a Mop Top. The name alone is sure to generate a conversation on where Mom can purchase one for her little prince or princess. Don’t forget nieces, nephews, and cousins, they’ll make great Birthday and Christmas gifts too. The Mop Tops start at $30.50 and the mittens $19.50. Great prices for couture items.

I was quite impressed with the National Recognition that Zooni has received. They have been featured in Parents Magazine, Baby Couture, Baby & Kids and a long list of others. I feel fortunate that I have established a rapport with, Elaine Yoo from Zooni’s Marketing and PR department, and I’m able to bring this product to you. Elaine has been gracious enough to offer the featured Leo the Lion Mop Top to one of my readers. Can you believe it. Say thank you Elaine!  We would also like to thank Michelle Jeong, owner and co-founder of the company. 
You could be the lucky winner of this give away. Here’s how: Visit Zooni and leave us a comment on what Mop Top besides Leo the Lion catches your eye. We will randomly select a winner from the posts.

This give away will end June 10, 2009 at mid-night. The give away is open to US Residents 18+ only. The winner will have 3 days to contact us with their name and mailing address. Failure to respond in 3 days will result in disqualification. Posts with no email address or an invalid address will result in disqualification as well.

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We hope that you have as much fun browsing Zooni as we did. These hats get a booty shake and 3 snaps. Holler!



  1. I love the Panda Monium πŸ™‚

  2. I love the Panda Monium πŸ™‚

  3. Flower Power Hat

  4. I like the flower power.  vidomich(at)yahoo(dot)com

  5. i love the chunkee monkee hat!

  6. Love the panda πŸ™‚

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  7. i love the Flower Power

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  15. The chunkee monkee is my favorite hat!

  16. Puppy Love is super cute!

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  22. I love the Pretty n' Pink! So cute!

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  25. I love the Firecracker Mop top. Thanks!

  26. Pretty In Pink would be my choice.  Thank you!  This is definitely my favorite.

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  27. Firecracker is my favorite!
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  28. Big fan of purple here, so I have to go with the Purple Reign hat!  Super cute!  Thanks!

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  32. I love the Kate's Moss Mop Top hat!


  33. My favorite is the Panda Monium one.

  34. Love the Blue Grass!
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  35. These hats are all adorable, but Kate's Moss is my favorite.

  36. All of these hats are adorable, but "Kate's Moss" is my favorite.

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  40. I would love the Hipster one for my son.  Thanks for the chance, justicecw@hotmail.com

  41. my favorite is the Chunkee Monkee one.  yyeres(at)gmail(dot)com

  42. I like the Flower Power.

  43. I love "Under the Sea".  Thanks.


  44. pink is nice mverno@roadrunner.com

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  46. I really like these! My fav is the Purple Reign.

  47. I like the pink one.

  48. pretty in pink

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  51. I love the Panda Monium!

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  53. I love the Flower Power Mop Top – so cute!

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  54. The Panda Monium would be great!

  55. i like the panda monium.

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  57. I like the pretty in pink hat.


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  60. The Panda Monium hat is super cute, love the name too!

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  63. The Chunkee Monkee hat is too cute!

  64. My daughter is a big ole Nemo fan so she would get a kick out of the Under the Sea hat!

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  67. The Panda Monium is really adorable!! Thanks so much for the giveaway

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  71. The Puppy Love Hat is really cute!

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    I like Purple Reign.


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  74. My favorite is the Chunkee Monkee hat. Super cute.

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    panda monium. bmarkey[at]travelers[dot]com

  76. the Panda Monium mverno@roadunner.com

  77. I love Purple Reign!! Thanks for the chance. mogrill@comcast.net

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  79. I love the Purple Reign. Thanks!

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  81. i like the Chunkee Monkee also

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  87. That Purple Reign is absolutely adorable!


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  89. These are adorable!  I love the colors in the Firecracker hat.

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  90. Pretty n’ Pink

  91. Firecracker..Hands down! πŸ˜€

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  100. I really love Chunkee Monkey. That is so cute! Thank you!

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    Happy Mother’s Day πŸ™‚

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  105. Pretty in Pink would be my 3 year old daughters favorite. Thanks.

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  108. LOVE this one: Panda Monium

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  115. My favorite is the Panda Monium one!  They’re all so cute though, what a great idea!  Thanks for the great giveaway πŸ™‚


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  118. I love the pretty in pink hat for my daughter.