You Cheating Bastard

Several days ago, a friend confided that her husband was cheating on her. When I asked her how she knew, she stated that she had hired an investigator and she had photos of her husband with the other woman. As I listened, I thought about several pictures that I had seen from women who had been cheated on. I thought you would get a good laugh or idea from these photos.

Relationship experts site the following reasons for cheating in a relationship. In my opinion, there’s no excuse or reason for a cheating spouse or mate, nevertheless, here are the top 10 reasons:

  1. They Had The Option
  2. Ego Boost
  3. Individuals In The Relationship Are Growing Apart
  4. They’ve Fallen Out Of Love
  5. Continuous Arguing
  6. Sex Life Is Boring
  7. To Get Revenge
  8. It’s New, Different, and Exciting
  9. To See If They Can Get Away With It
  10. You Allow It

I thought about what I would do if my significant other was cheating on me. I could really see myself taking these steps.  I love all of the photos, especially Photo 1 and 4. What a perfect way to advertise the fact that you have a cheating husband. I would have loved to see both of their faces when they saw the display.  I love the clothing hanging from the tree in photo 1.

What would you do if you found out your husband/significant other was cheating on you?  Which of the photos is your favorite?  Leave us a comment and let us know your thoughts.



  1. Anonymous says:

    Just found out mine has been! My plan, since I took care of his dying mother, and took care of him through numerous surgeries, he will pay for me to go to school and I will fulfill my dream that I put aside for him! Then, I will take everyThing I can and leave his cheating ass! 🙂

  2. I had a cheating boyfriend, he slept with our next door neighbor, knocked her up and said he wasn't ready to end our relationship??? Well, I ended it for him by throwing all his stuff on her front lawn, when the police showed up and said I couldn't throw his stuff out, I replied " I am not throwing it out, I am strategically placing for delivery" the female cop just laughed at the site of me tossing trash bags of the his stuff from the back of my pickup truck all the while neighbors applauding from the balconies.. it was quite a site, but damn did it feel good!

  3. I'm 25 and have been married for 2.5 years to the man I would have taken a bullet for.  I'm now 5.5 months pregnant with our son and just found 3 pairs of his hair dresssers underwear and clothes at my house that I had not been living in for 4 months do to a trial seperation that was advised by our marriage counselor. I didn't do anything but walk away.

  4. Penelope – I agree the pictures are funny, but they are truly a sign of someone's pain.  I'm sure when they look back on, they wish they had handled things differently.

  5. If I found out my husband was cheating, I'd quietly find a lawyer, change the locks, and mail his stuff to his mother. I'd send a note to him at work to go to his mother's, his stuff is there, and I'd probably go on a trip so he can't reach me. I'd need time to think about the next steps.

    What these women did seems funny, but in court these women would be painted as wackos…they could lose their kids for things like the pick axes in the car. The best revenge is living well.

    If he loses you, isn't that punishment enough (and of course, if you get alimony, that doesn't hurt either 😉 )…I feel sorry for any man that would be stupid enough to lose me, and be stuck with a low woman.

    I feel very, very sorry for these women. They have a scar on their heart, and these are signs of their extreme pain. It is very painful to find out someone you dearly loved betrayed you. It seems funny, but these women are very hurt, and I feel sorry that they had to go through this.

  6. I cheated on my husband when we were much younger. Im not going to give any excuses, but i love him and he is the love of my life. It was stupid honestly. 5 years later, we are still married and have a beautiful child and a great life.

    Sometimes its worth working out.



  7. Those pic's are TOO funny! Thanks for the laugh. As for what I would do if I found out my hubby cheated on me, I don't know. I wouldn't have the nerve to vandalize anything though. I hope I don't have to think about that.


    I've been there just 15 yrs ago and I can tell you I just walked away. Sure cry scream got pissed off a 5 yr drinking bing but hey I just hit 24 so it was all good.

    FOUND the love of my life after and now we've been together for 13 yrs and He'd never think of cheating on me. I know where he sleeps

  9. I don't know what I would do. Well I can't tell you in case it's used as evidence 😉 But this reminds me of that show Cheaters. I couldn't help but laugh sometimes.

  10. haha I LOVED the pics I am divorced from a cheating jerkwad & I had many thoughts go through my head what I would like to do but in the end I just divorced his rear & got awarded alimony! However my mom & sister wrote in the dirt of his car I cheat on my wife. 😉 I dont know why they didn't take a pic but he drove around for a long time having no clue it was wrote in the dirt

  11. I don't know what I would do either. I would more than likely just suffer in silence… IDK. Right after kicking him out of my life. I really hope I never know what I'd do in that situation.

    The picture with the pick axes is pretty funny to me.

  12. I honestly can't say what I would do if I found out my husband was cheating on me.  I think I'd have to experience to know for sure, and hopefully I'll never know!  My father cheated on my mother and my parents divorced.  I don't know that she (or any other person) will ever get over it.  Again, I hope I never know for sure.  But, if nothing else… trashing the car is a good release of frustration and anger!