Wordless Wednesday

Wasup Ladies!



  1. A ladies man in training lol

  2. What a stud!

  3. He looks so cute with his binky!  Adorable!

  4. Oh that is just too cute!  Love that he is swimming with his paci!

  5. LOL! Awesome!

  6. that was a great caption ha ha. It's like "hey baby"…too cute

  7. Chill'n in the pool! What a cutie!!

  8. What a cutie!! Love that caption too! LOL!

  9. too cute!!!

  10. He is so adorable!

  11. he is the king of his pool!

  12. Hi Amanda,

    We got the pool from Walmart.  He loves it.  He won't move from the steps when he's in it except to go up them and back down the slide.  He'll sit where he is until we take him up and down the slide, lol.

    Please visit again. 


  13. He is so cool keeping cool:-)

  14. Adorable!
    I wish I had a pool like that to cool down in the last few days 🙂

  15. Haha. Cute picture!!!

  16. That is priceless!

  17. now that is a nice shot 🙂 thanks for passing by my blog

  18. Rhonda,

    He's just coolin' it in the pool. I don't believe he wants anyone else in there.

    Thanks for visiting my blog!

  19. That's cute! I wanna know where you got a pool with a slide. I had a hard enough time just finding a plastic pool.

  20. Happy WW! Never too early to appreciate an ability to RELAX!

    I invite your blog readers (…those with a strong stomach…) to learn about a female cannibal who ate her own child.

    peace, Villager

  21. He is cute!

  22. Very nice photo!

    happy WW!

  23. Nice way to cool down hehe Happy WW

  24. Sweetie Pie!

  25. So cute!! Happy WW!

  26. Your grandson's adorable!  Enjoy taking pics of the grandkids as much as I did my own!
    Happy WW & mine's posted too!
    Sunset at the Mouth of the Connecticut River

  27. Look at him just chillin'.  Adorable!

  28. Very cute!  Happy WW!

  29. He is so cute! Happy WW!

  30. What a little cutie!

  31. That is a cute pic.  Happy WW.

  32. LOL so cute. We have the same exact pool.

  33. So cute!  Happy WW!