Wordless Wednesday

A Big Bug!

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  1. that sure is a big bug!!!
    Thanks for paying me a visit!

  2. Cute! Thanks for the blog visit and your kind comments 😉

  3. That is too cute!
    Happy WW

  4. Oh my god, I love it!!! and my son wouldn’t even know what to do with himself if he saw that:)
    Wordless Wednesday

  5. A very cute big bug! Happy WW and thanks so much for stopping by! 🙂

  6. HaHa!  I was expecting gross and got cute.  Check out my WW for a big, dead jellyfish…cute or gross?  🙂

  7. How fun is that!

  8. Yep, that’s one big bug. How cute.

  9. Very cute! Happy WW.

  10. that’s a really big bug.

    happy wednesday. hope you can visit my WW!


  11. I wouldn’t mind that bug! Seems harmless.

  12. Lovin’ the shoes 🙂

  13. This made me smile…thanks! So cute!

  14. now that’s a bug I could like 🙂

    Happy WW1

  15. That’s so cute! I love the colors and the cool sneakers.

    Thanks for visiting my other blog.

  16. This picture would make for a fabulous writing prompt – there was an old lady who lived in a bug…

  17. That is fun shot! My daughter would love to be here. 🙂

  18. Great shot. That is too cute..Happy WW.

  19. Sure is big! I’m glad it’s lovely, too!

  20. Wow that is a BIG bug! Happy WW

  21. Love his colors!  WHat a fun bug!

  22. Gorgeous bugs in a snickers tsk tsk tsk my nine years will love it if he sees one..nice entry..

  23. Hi! Thanks for the visit at my blog.
    Wow, that is a nice place where kids would enjoy!
    Take care!

  24. so cute , nice shot.happy WW! mine is here hope you’ve got time.