Wordless Wednesday

Home Of The Three Bears!
This is actually a miniature house built in 1929 in my home town.  It was built by the local college so student teachers could observe children playing.  I used to play in it when I was a child.  It contains 5 rooms, and measures 10 feet high by 9-1/2 feet wide, with 5 1/2 foot ceilings.  Isn’t it adorable!
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  1. it is a cute and real-looking house.  brings back old memories of childhood. 🙂

  2. Oh, this is so cute! I want to play in it too!

  3. oh wow, the details on the house is so intricate. Stunning and it was built way back then. Really so priceless..:-)

  4. I want to play there!

  5. What an adorable little house.  It looks perfect for the Three Bears!

  6. My kids would love a house like that to play in. What fun!

  7. That is so cute. I would have loved a house like that.

  8. What a cute mini house.  It must be a lot of fun for the kids to play in there.

  9. Such a cute house!!! nice memories for sure.
    Happy ww!

  10. Very quaint!
    Happy WW!

  11. How adorable. Can I order one in adult size? Thanks for stopping by my WW.

  12. i would have loved to play there!!! and maybe i can play the role of goldilocks :)… and imagine it being there for about 80 years — great craftsmanship!

  13. Love it!

  14. Wow, that is so cool! Great idea for a WW, and a good pic to boot 😀 Seems like the ULTIMATE playhouse! Happy WW~

  15. That’s so cute and adorable.  What a fun little house to be able to visit.  I’m sure the little ones have a great time there.  Thanks for stopping by my blog and happy WW!!

  16. Oh my gosh, such a sweet little house.  I want one for my little girl.

  17. That is so adorable!

  18. Nice miniature house. I want to see the inside as well 🙂

    Happy Wednesday!

  19. Indeed, it is adorable! You made it big like a real mansion. I thought it was, but was surprised to read that it’s a miniature. 🙂

  20. That is adorable and it looks like a great place for children to play.

  21. That is so cute. Id love to see the inside!! Happy WW and thanks for stopping by:)

  22. awww … that looks (and sounds) so adorable!

    happy WW

  23. That would be so fun.  It is a sweet little house.  I would love that.

    PS.  I cannot find the WW list that used to be somewhere to add to it.
    Can you direct me please??


  24. Happy WW ! Greeting from Belgium. Mine is up under Playing Together

  25. It IS adorable!  What a neat idea for your town.  My kids would LOVE something like that to play in!

  26. very nice miniature house! mine’s up too at this link.Hope u can stop by!

  27. That is just too cool! I would have loved to play in it as a child 🙂

    My girls would have loved one too!

    Happy WW 🙂

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  28. When I first saw it, I couldn’t decide if this was a playhouse or just a small house.  Thanks for clearing that up for me. (I would’ve fretted about it all day!)
    Nice shot!

  29. I love it! That’s a sweet little place to play.

  30. It’s pretty unique and I think a great idea that it was constructed by teachers and students 🙂

  31. THat is so delightful! Happy WW/WT

  32. it is such a cute building!  I thought it didn’t look all that big.  That is pretty cool that you got to play in there.  I think that would be any girls dream….a house their own size!  Thanks for sharing!

  33. cute and lovely house… perfect catch for WW! I hope you can drop by again at my corner too and please help for me, I was nominated for Pinoyworld blog of the week. Hope you can vote my “Pretty Life Online” at http://www.pinoyworld.org/… thanks a lot!