Wordless Wednesday

Quiet please, I’m thinking!
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  1. What a cutie! How old?

  2. Okay, he’s way too cute!  What a great Wordless Wednesday pic!

  3. What a cute baby!!!

  4. He is so cute!

  5. ihave some of my son like that too. they are too cute.

  6. So very precious! Look at those little eyebrows! What do you think he’s pondering? How to sneak a cookie? 🙂

    Thanks for stopping by my WW post!

  7. Oooh!  I could gobble him up.  He’s delicious!  That sweet face.

  8. Precious picture of a precious baby!!!

  9. Love this…sweet baby…


  10. Oh… he is so sweet… What a wonderful photo.

  11. Adorable shot. I’ll be very quiet.

  12. Very cute picture. A thoughtful spot & very colorful too! Happy WW & thanks for stopping by mine 🙂

  13. So sweet!

  14. Just too sweet!!!!

  15. Awe how adorable!

  16. Oh. My. Gosh. He is adorable…and that was way too loud for his thinking moment. Sorry.

    (Great WW entry!)

  17. super sweet photo!  so pensive 😉

  18. Great shot!  It is so hard to get the perfect shot when they are small.  I love it!

    Thanks for visiting my place and for the comment!

    Have a fabulous day!

  19. Ahhhh!! I love it! How cute!! So funny when they are pensive at that age. What could they possibly be thinking about so seriously?

  20. Awww! I miss those days 😉

  21. Cute baby and caption. Is that your Grandson?


  22. My, that is some heavy thinking! Shhhh.

  23. Gorgeous is the only word to describe.

    Hope you visit my entry too. Happy WW!

  24. Absolutely precious!!!

  25. Sweeeeeeeeeet photo!!!  And the caption you chose is perfect.

    Come see my W W if you can.

  26. He’s thinking himself right off that quilt 😀 Happy WW

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  27. Nice shot!!

    Hope you can check out mine.


    Happy WW!

  28. ssshhhh!!!

    Hope you can check out mine.


    Happy WW!

  29. What a cute angel… Off I’ll tiptoe now…

  30. He is just to cute for words!  As my son would say “shhh, don’t talk okay!”

  31. adorable and cute!
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  32. He is precious!  Good luck with the baptism (from your other post)…exciting day for a Grandma!

  33. You took the picture at just the right time. How cute.

  34. Great capture and what a cutie!!

  35. The great thinker looks just a little tired. 🙂

  36. hehehe Sooooo cute! Happy WW and thx for the visit.

  37. Awww, so thoughtful! Cutie!

  38. What a cute little fellow! Happy WW

  39. Ha! You really caught a great expression!

  40. Lovely moment! Precious memory!

  41. hahaha opppssssss!! shhhhh

  42. OK! Shhh….

  43. Hussshhh…I’ll be real quiet 🙂

  44. Great Catch! Hope you’ll visit mine too… Have a great day!

  45. Nice one for WW! Thanks for dropping by… Have a great day!