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women's health care

“Take care of your body” is the leading mantra of the 21st century. It sounds like the most sensible and integral part of every lifestyle. However, it can come as an enormous surprise.  As a matter of fact, this frame of mind virtually didn’t exist among global communities years ago. It was mostly related to extreme lifestyle enthusiasts, people with money and superstars.

Fortunately, taking care of one’s health has become quite common.  We have so much access to detailed information related to medicine and biology today. The old saying goes – “prevention is better than cure.” So, it’s important to discuss some of the basic preventive health checkups every woman should do in order to reclaim their health. 

 Gynecological checkup

 A gynecological checkup should be done once every six months, although once a year is also acceptable. Consult your doctor to determine the appropriate schedule for you.  Additionally, this checkup should be an indispensable part of every modern woman’s schedule.  When compared to other checkups, it is the one that is most consistently done.


A Pap Smear is still one of the most reliable procedures to detect cervical cancer.  After the age of 20 and up until the age of 65, most women should do this test every three years.  Based on your medical history, after the age of 65 testing may be discontinued.  Consult your doctor with any questions or concerns. 

Breast checkup

Doing a self-exam of your breasts is one of the key checkups in the life of every woman. Every woman should have a clinical breast exam every three years up until the age of 40.  Examinations should be done yearly after the age of 40. 

By combining extensive knowledge with detailed examination and thorough questioning, your health care provider can determine the health of your breasts pretty confidently.  After the age of 50, every woman needs to start doing mammography tests, if not sooner. This test has been steeped in controversy because it uses ionizing radiation to detect malignant changes.  The health community agrees that benefits outweigh the risks by a significant margin.

In these hectic times when most people are exposed to a lot of stress and a breakneck lifestyles, many institutions and celebrities like Kylie Minogue and Angelina Jolie, are trying to raise awareness of these issues.

Hormone balance checkup

 Fatigue, mood swings, irritability, hot flashes, night sweats, and poor sleep are signs of a hormone imbalance.  Additionally, noticeable skin changes can also be a sign. These are especially known to hit women who are entering menopause.

Saliva testing and blood testing are regular methods to test for imbalances. Most importantly, it influences your metabolism and cardiovascular system.  In particular, the rate and strength of the heartbeat.

Heart checkup

Statistically speaking, men are more prone to heart problems.  However, heart disease is a big issue for women as well.  When we talk about heart problems, the first thing that comes to mind is a healthy diet.  Nonetheless, some people have heart problems unrelated to diet and weight, and some of the problems are hereditary.

This is why checkups for heart disease are important. Blood pressure and weight measurement are the most noninvasive checkups. Blood tests take a prick in the thumb or the arm, but they are generally fast, and extremely important for monitoring your cholesterol levels and triglycerides. 

Eye checkup

 women's health care


Of all the senses, the eyesight is the last one anyone would give up.  So, have your eye examined at least once a year. Due to the lifestyle that includes a lot of eye strain, the eyesight problems are becoming more and more frequent. This is why Australia is one of the leading countries trying to raise awareness about the importance of regular eyesight checkups with its versatile eye health campaigns. For instance, you can do a complete specialized eye test in Parramatta and spend a little time on a non-invasive test that can mean a lot.

Scientific research has shown that, just like with the heart, a healthy diet and taking care of your weight can have a lasting positive impact on your eyesight.

Your body is your temple. Taking care of yourself has not only become a necessity, but a rite of passage to adulthood. 


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