Winter Centerpiece


Looking for a simple winter centerpiece for your table?  Look no further than your backyard or a near-by park. I removed the Christmas dinnerware from my breakfast room(below), and needed to replace the center piece. I had these pine cones setting on the kitchen counter in this old wooden bowl, and immediately placed it in the center of the table.  I pulled the candle and berries from the Christmas centerpiece below along with an old hurricane globe that I’ve had under the sink , and in less than 5 minutes I had a center piece.  To give the candle more height in the bowl, I added a small vase to the bottom of the bowl and placed the candle on top of it before setting the hurricane globe.  

Christmas Centerpieces
I love the red with the oak.  As I was putting the centerpiece together, I also thought that I could remove a few of the pine cones and berries, and add in a few red apples or just change the color of the candle and remove the berries.  

I re-purpose items when I can.  I love quick, easy and inexpensive.  If you don’t have a wooden bowl, use a glass or trifle bowl.  You can also substitute the berries with cinnamon sticks or fresh greenery. Stay tuned for possible changes to this simple center piece.    



  1. So easy and pretty!

    • Hi Molly.  Thanks for stopping by.  It was easy to put together, and I think it turned out pretty too. I loved that I had all of the material on hand. 

  2. That's a really lovely centerpiece.

  3. It is beautiful but what those pine cones need is a dusting of glitter — carefully applied by a grandchild!

    • Oh J, glitter. I'm still cleaning up glitter from the ribbon and Christmas ornaments.  I'll by-pass that suggestion for now, lol.  Thanks. 

  4. Love how festive it looks!

  5. Simple but elegant!  I love it!!!