Where’s My Go-Go Boots?

Do You Love These boots? You know you want them, lol. I recently celebrated my birthday and I’ve been reminiscing about the 60’s and 70’s. This is the era that I grow up in. I’ve posted about events and slang during the 60’s, I’ll focus on fashion in this post.

In the 60’s and 70’s I really wasn’t into the Hippie look. My favorite outfits were bell bottoms, halter tops (back outs) minis, and my white Go Go boots. I was a “fox” if I must say so myself. For those who don’t know, fox was 60/70’s slang for an attractive woman. Fashion in the 60 and 70’s was bold and fun. The colors were vivid yellow, orange, purple, and blues.

I loved my Go Go boots. I remember my boots as if I just took them off. They were white with a low heel and a side zipper. Go Go boots were suppose to fit tightly around your calf, but my legs were so skinny at that time I had to wrap paper towels around them so my boots would fit snugly. Oh, those were the days. My Go Go boots and skinny legs are long gone, but the memories remain. Go Go boots became the rage when the song “These Boots Were Made for Walkin” became popular. Nancy Sinatra, daughter of Frank Sinatra, performed the song.

I wore my Go Go boots with mini skirts and tights or hot pants and tights. In the 60’s mini skirts and hot pants were tasteful. I wore my mine with fishnet or window pane stockings. I actually found fishnets at Wal-Mart last year. They brought back memories.

Another favorite was my back out, i.e. halter top. I wore my halter top with hip hugger bell bottom jeans and a fringe bell. I also had yellow and pink bell bottoms. I was looking good, at least I thought I was. In the 70’s I adored my maxi dresses. They are making a come back, and I feel just as comfortable in them today as I did in the 70’s.

I sported an Afro too. I spent alot of time shaping it with a pick similar to the one shown.  My hair was long and thick, so my Afro was huge.  I looked like a stick with a big bush on top of it, OMG.  I don’t know how I carried all that hair.  To make matters worst, which at the time I thought I was looking good, I wore blue eye shadow, a line of blush on my cheeks and lip gloss.  I wish I had pictures to show you how fashionable and fly I was back in the day.  I know I would have you on the floor, but you’ll have to use your imagination on this one.  This era has passed, but it was a fun time in my life and I love looking back on it. I wouldn’t trade those years for anything.

What was fashionable back in the day for you? Leave us a comment and tell us about your favorite outfits growing up.



  1. I had white patent leather go-go boots when I was in the 4th grade and loved them, but, I had really wanted black ones. When we went shopping, all they had in stock were the white and my mother said it's these or nothing, so those I got! Now I have three pair of BLACK ones that I have found at thrift stores and I'm so glad they have come back into fashion.

  2. When I was really young I loved the full dresses with petticoats and pockets.  Those were so much fun!

    Later I loved my bellbottoms and I embroidered on them.  My Mom wouldn't let me have any boots like that but I did have mini skirts and when I went to college I had a halter top, too that I bought for myself.

  3. I was a teen in the late 50's so a more lady-like look was expected. I loved spike heels and pretty dresses.

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  7. LMAO I was born in the 60's so didn't sport such fly duds myself, but I do remember them. 
    I'm sure you totally rocked the look.

  8. Danielle – I remember the slouchy socks, acid washed jeans and the scrunchies. Your daughter may get a big kick out of seeing things from your era.  My daughter wishes I had keep my maxis, minis, baby dolls etc.  They're back, and she could be wearing vintage clothing. 

    Thanks for visiting.

  9. I'm 29, and we rocked out the slouchy socks, tight rolled acid wash jeans, and neon colored scrunchies in our teased and ratted hair! Oh boy, I really hope my daughter never sees those pics!

  10. i am 38, i remember madonna bracelets, big hair and mini skirts galore!

  11. Hahaha, oh I was an eighties kid. Wall bangs!! Yikers! And mesh shirts. Shudder. My fav boots used to be these awful suede Peter Pan jobbies. I cringe now…!  : P

  12. Oh to have a picture 🙂
    In my day the silk shirts were in style and the nice wing hair. I wish I had bought stock back then in hairspray lol

  13. LOL that is a great post. Hubby said he feels old (1970) and I was like huh lol (1979)

  14. HEY Where are the pic's? SO funny hearing you talk about all that my Mom used to say the same thing and what is even greater is that alot of the 60's and 70's have come and gone again. The Fro was in just a while back so this huge one not 6 months ago.
    My favorite was the Shorter version of the gogo boots with Daisy duke shorts and a Half halter top. Wore that the day I met my mil Hubby's and mine 2nd date. LOL you should of saw her face. SHe loved me. NOT!
    oh so waiting for the COnstruction boots with the shorts and tshirt look to come back.

  15. Fox? LOL, that's such a blast from the past for me. I laugh when I see that written in my yearbooks by boys I thought were good looking!

  16. I wish you had pictures too… that would be groovy!
    Cute Post!!

  17. I'm only 28 so back in the day I remember black leggings, neon t-shirts with big matching socks and big teased bangs!