When You’re At A Crossroad – Listen to Your Instinct

Do you know the difference between intellect and
instinct?  I hear you grumbling, who doesn’t know that right.  Our intellect
is information that we have gathered and retained over the course of years;
however, our instinct is what drives us to put that information to use.  Bishop T.D. Jakes says “Your intellect tells you to load the gun, your instinct tells you to pull the trigger”.  

Most of us ignore our
instinct better known as  a “gut feeling”.
 You know that funny feeling that you get
about something or someone.  Sometimes our
instinct tells us when something could possibly be wrong, but it also tells us
when something could be right.  So many
times we end up in bad relationships or miss out on opportunities because we ignored
our gut feeling.  When we look back, we
realize all the signs were there.  We
stomp and get angry because we ignored what saw or heard and tell ourselves
over and over, I should have listed to my gut. 

Your instinct could lead you to your passion or better yet
your destiny.  At this point in my life,
I’m not sure if I have arrived at my destiny, but I have arrived at quite a few
of my passions.  I have arrived in a much
calmer place and I’m able to see things clearer.  I arrived here because I learned to listen to my instinct and than connect to my intellect.  Once I
connected to my intellect and instinct, I learned to sit still and think about
what I’m feeling and why.  Know that
you’re feeling some kind of way for a reason. 
Think about what you may have seen or hear or if you’re happy, sad or

Because I’m now in tune intellectually and emotionally, I
have learned to remove myself from unhealthy relationships.  I have learned to say no, I need to take care
of me and not feel guilty.  Here’s how I
learned to empower myself:  

1. I learned that what someone else is doing may not be my destiny.  I have learned to use my creativity and make things work for me in my way and style.

2. I thought about what I liked and what I wanted to do.  This helped me to develop a map and determine the roads that I needed to take to arrive at my passions.  I am still working on my destiny.  

3. I started asking questions and answering them honestly.   This
will help you decide what direction you should go in.  You may need to leave a relationship, company
or situation and at the very least change some things in your life. 

4.  If you’re not feeling good about your relationship, job or whatever you’re involved in you may need to reassess it.  Don’t second guess yourself, it’s your institution talking to you.  You should be happy or have a feeling of satisfaction about what you’re doing or involved in.  If not, why do it or stay in.     

Photo courtesy of stockvault.net